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After his discharge, Wallace began a lifelong association with the University of Pennsylvania's anthropology department, of which he eventually became chair. His initial, somewhat untraditional, choice of undergraduate majors--history and physics--reflected his desire to combine humanistic studies with scientific and technological approaches to the study of man, but the evolutionary perspective of James Frazer's The Golden Bough later guided him toward the most interdisciplinary of the social sciences--anthropology. Influenced by his father's work and his own interest in Indians, Wallace pursued graduate studies of the Delaware and Tuscarora Indians under the guidance of A. Irving Hallowell, Frank G. Speck, and Loren C. Eiseley, all direct intellectual descendants of Franz Boas. Speck had studied with Boas at Columbia, where Boas taught both Speck and Hallowell in one seminar. Speck and Eiseley, whom Speck had taught at Oberlin and brought to Penn, persuaded Hallowell, their former colleague, to return to Penn after a period at Northwestern. As an heir to the Boasian ethnographic tradition through Speck and Hallowell, Wallace inherited Boas' careful attention to methodology and his interdisciplinary conception of anthropology as encompassing physical, psychological, linguistic, and cultural studies. From his father and Speck, he inherited an interest in the rapidly disappearing cultures of the Northeastern Indians and a personal commitment to his research subjects. Through Hallowell, one of the principal figures in ethnopsychology, he learned to carefully describe behavior and psychological traits while considering the cognitive and emotional structures of his subjects. All of these he synthesized to create a unique blend of ethnology and history influenced by the social, behavioral, and biological sciences, thereby becoming one of the pioneers in the development of ethnohistory as a distinct field.

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So therefore we need to balance out this one sided and limited view of the Universe and the process of Life with one that sees the bigger picture and also incorporates Spiritual Values. This is what we presented in the chapter ‘Science and Religion’, which described a Universe that is purposeful and also showed how the process of life is meaningful. So that Evolution instead of being random and meaningless, is otherwise seen as being purposefully guided and set up to produce predefined outcomes. The evolution of the Universe is seen as an ordered process whereby parts become wholes, and which then go on to become greater wholes, until all the parts and intermediate wholes of the entire Cosmos become integrated as a one singular all encompassing whole. So that in relation to this eventual Unity, all life in the Universe has it’s meaning and purpose in being part of the process by which this emergent wholeness is recreated. This counters Nihilistic notions because it provides an Absolute, i.e. the manifest whole, from which we can derive notions of Purpose and Meaning.

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During this time, Wallace also developed his theory of revitalization movements, which in many ways extrapolates the concept of mazeway resynthesis to the larger society. He described five typical stages, which roughly correspond to the process of mazeway resynthesis, but at the social and cultural level. He theorized that revitalization movements, which he defined as "deliberate, organized, conscious attempts by some or all of the members of a society to construct for themselves a more satisfying culture." were more likely to occur in societies undergoing rapid and/or devastating social change. Most involved prophets who had experienced personal declines similar to that of Handsome Lake, which culminated in psychological states resembling schizophrenia, often accompanied by visions. Following these experiences, the prophets underwent personal transformations, communicated their visions and new insights to others, and synthesized old and new beliefs into new religions or ways of living that revitalized their cultures.

Drawing from biological and cognitive psychological theories, he hypothesized that perhaps similar symptoms could arise in any individual undergoing psychological and physiological stress, a theory that developed into the concept of mazeway resynthesis. He noted that when individuals encounter experiences that challenge the "mazeways" through which they perceive and understand their worlds, their minds often become overwhelmed by conflict, resulting in cognitive dissonance, a state of psychological and (often) physiological turmoil. Applying Hans Selye's concept of general adaptation syndrome to the human mind, Wallace argued that attempting to exist in such discomfort often precipitates physical or mental illness. To resolve such conflicts, individuals must modify their mazeways to accommodate new, formerly troubling, elements, a process he termed "mazeway resynthesis." In more extreme cases involving prophets and psychiatric patients, Wallace believed that the altered physiological milieu resulting from stress engendered not only the process of psychological mazeway resynthesis but also the accompanying visions or hallucinations.

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I believe this is what we’re heading for, the way things are going on the planet right now. The trajectory of human kinds current evolution is leading to the dystopian nightmare of the much feared One World Tyranny. However there is an alternative. There is a way by which humanity can be brought together as One in a way that doesn’t resemble the above. A World without war and without borders can be created that is Just, Equal, Free from Tyranny and Corruption and one that respects the Rights and Freedom of all its inhabitants. And also one where there is reconciliation between the Religion and harmony between the different races comprising humanity.

If the process of life is completely reduced to a competition for survival and dominance between Selfish Genes then naturally the ultimate expression of this idea is in the formation of a Global All Ruling World Tyranny, that exists to serve and sustain the dominance, survival and power of an Elite Set of Selfish Genes, contained either within a single Bloodline i.e. Family, or perhaps within a set of exclusive and inter-breeding Bloodlines or Clans. In which case this would be the inevitable conclusion for the Human Race according to the doctrine of Selfish Genes if taken as the Justification for Social and Political Organization. If humanity as a whole comes to accept that the idea of Selfish Genes and Survival of the Fittest is the true nature of things and the whole truth, then a perpetual Global Tyranny and corrupt One World Order is what humanity deserves.

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    Stähler, Axel (2009) Fundamentalist Fiction: Mazeway Resynthesis and the Writers of the Apocalypse

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In: Stähler, Axel and Stierstorfer, Klaus, eds

The proposal being made in this Chapter is that a Unified World view and which is also a Unified Cosmic View, based on the idea that Everyone is God is the required answer for solving the problems that exist in the realm of pure ideas and ideology. This is in the form of an all encompassing doctrine that unifies Religion and which also unifies Religion with Science and Philosophy. It is from this solution and core set of truths that all the other solutions to the problems of this World in the Socio-Economic, Political,
Environmental and Ecological spheres, in turn derive. And which are able to challenge and ultimately replace the outdated and unworkable ideologies or doctrines in the World today, which are the root causes of the Problems of this World. This is the battle in the Realm of Ideas and the process of Mazeway resynthesis.

Revitalizations and Mazeways by Anthony F

The notion of Mazeway Resynthesis which happens during periods of Cultural, Political and Social Revitalization, and which is precipitated by a situation where a Society is under a time of extreme stress and hopelessness, underlines the fact that it is only during these times that large numbers of people within a society will actually be even the slightest bit receptive to radical and revolutionary new ideas. When everything is going smoothly, i.e. during times of prosperity, full employment and security then generally populations become content, self indulgent, perhaps even decadent. However it is when things get calamitous and uncertain that there is a stronger motivation for understanding what is going on and also a search for solutions and new ideas.

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The notion of a Battle in the Realm of Ideas may seem rather abstract and academic. It may seemed far removed and of no immediate consequence in relation to the overall aim of trying to solve the problems of this World. However in this chapter we’re tried to show how it is the case that ideas are indeed very powerful and can have and have had in the past, had a very significant influence on History and the course of human affairs. Mainly in this chapter I’ve tried to explain the positive effects that the twin notions that Everyone is God and the Prophecies are Now, may have on helping to solve the problems of this World. We’ll now turn to consider what would be the case if we totally neglected to address the problems of this World in the realm of pure ideas and ideology. We do this in order to further emphasis the importance of winning the Battle in the Realm of Ideas. Or put another way, the importance of Resynthesizing the Mazeway.

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