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Q: When should the viva be organised?

These forms can be submitted along with the viva copies and can be found here:

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Q: What are the common outcomes of the viva?

Never ignore those questions which could arise on account of your thesis, to have a better viva you should prepare yourself for the unanswered questions.

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The viva takes place at least 6 weeks following your submission to allow the examiners sufficient time to receive and read over your thesis and to report back comments to the University.

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Q: Who organises the viva?

Once you have a date set for your viva, hopefully it will be between four and twelve weeks from your submission date. This gives you plenty of time to prepare. Make sure you have a chance to recover from the dash to submit your thesis, try not to look at it at all for a month or so. When you pick your thesis up again you will find it fresh and exciting rather than tired and dull. You may also have some new ideas to bring to the viva, rather than simply getting bogged down with the intricacies of your research.

In preparation for the viva, say about ten days before, make sure you can answer the following questions: what is unique about your thesis? What is its central argument/finding? How does it differ from other key players in your field? Where could you go from here with this topic? Have a short, medium and long answer to each of those questions. In other words, if you are encouraged to sum up your answer in a few sentences be able to do so, and equally be able to speak for several minutes if need be.

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Do not expect the examiners to tell you the outcome of your examination at the end of your viva voce. However, you may be asked to leave the examination room for a short time – often around half an hour. This will give the examiners time to confer and agree their response. You may then be recalled so that the examiners can explain their decision to you.

The outcome of the viva may be a recommendation:

After the oral examination, the examiners complete a report that has to be sent to the Faculty within six weeks of the Viva Voce. Unless there is some disagreement between the examiners as to the appropriate recommendation (a very rare occurrence), this is a joint report, to which the preliminary reports completed prior to the examination are appended.

Notification of the award of a degree is sent to successful students by the Graduate Research Office.

Once you receive notification of the award of your degree, you are entitled to request a copy of your examiners´ report (a form will be supplied for this purpose).

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A: Usually the viva will be arranged by your supervisor for a mutually convenient date. Occasionally, this responsibility might be carried out by another member of your department.

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A: Ideally, the examiners should submit their reports to Research Degrees within two weeks of the viva, occasionally this may not be possible, but the reports will be posted to your contact address once they arrive.

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A: We do not necessarily require any forms with the viva copies of the thesis, but do require the following on/before the final copies are submitted:

Department of Translation - MA Thesis and Viva voce

Remember that the questions that you are asked may not be the same as the ones that you are asked in your examination!! Indeed, look upon the mock viva not as a rehearsal of the questions examiners will ask, but as an opportunity to become comfortable fielding questions under pressure that are designed to test your knowledge.

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You should already have had the opportunity to make oral presentations at several stages in your research process. You may also have taken a Research Training Programme unit involving oral presentation skills. You will therefore already have considerable skill in presenting your research. However, many students feel that the viva will be a very different experience and can get quite anxious as the viva date approaches. But there are a number of strategies that may help you to prepare for your viva so that you have some idea what to expect. The most important thing to remember is to keep the subject of your thesis alive:

Coursework and Essay: Thesis Viva Questions …

When you have submitted your thesis, life can seem a little flat for a while. Congratulate yourself, take a breath – but try not to lose your momentum. Remember that the Viva Voce is an oral examination and, like any other examination, you need to revise and prepare for it thoroughly. And, as with other exams, there are strategies that you can adopt that may help you with this.

The School of Nursing and Midwifery has prepared some Frequently Asked Questions to guide you through the period between submission of your thesis and your oral examination.

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