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The post thumbnail wont show up. What should I do?

the thumbnail image is not showing , but it is showing in the post, can u help

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Using Post Image and Thumbnail Options - DIYthemes

Using post images or thumbnail images associate a particular image with that post so that it can be dynamically Thesis Picture Citation Using Images in Your Thesis - Reed College Library | Click Insert > Picture, then browse to find the image to insert.

Is it possible to display thumbnail with the featured posts (not teasers)?

Thesis gives you the option to use ‘teaser’ posts on your blog page, and also in an archive page if you choose to have one. These teaser posts also have the capability to show thumbnail images auto-cropped down from your blog post, or if you prefer, to show another image which you need to crop and insert manually. This is the look and functionality I wanted for my blog. Now whilst there are boxes to tick in the Thesis Options and Design Options pages to get you started, and whilst it all sounds easy – and really is once you get the workflow right – there’s a bit of organising to be done before you can start hitting save buttons with confidence. This post is about how I got what I wanted … finally.

Add Thesis Post Image or Thumbnail to Template - …

I followed step by step what you said and I am not seeing the thumbnail in the post. And I did it 3 times. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Wanting to view the video but it’s giving an error.
Using your Featured Posts inside the Feature Box, and it’s working well.
Tried 4 other ways to get a silly thumbnail image to show in the featured box with each of the 2 posts, but to no avail. Hoping pairing your image idea with your featured post box idea will work….

The problem is that when somebody shares some post with share buttons (Facebook and Linkedin) there is no a thumbnail image to share and i don’t know why is hapenning this, i tried everything but i haven’t been able to solve it.

Thesis Tutorial – Thesis Post Image and Thumbnails Part 1

My Thesis just wouldnt create that automatic thumbnail for ‘featured post’ and display the exactly same image as in the permalink version.

Hi. Yes, you can do this. First you need to resize the image you wish to use to Thesis’ thumbnail dimensions i.e., 66 x 66px. Upload the resized image to your Media files as usual, and insert the URL into the thumbnail image pane in the post editing area. Click the box to frame the thumbnail, if you wish, save and hey presto! The thumbnail will only appear in the teasers. This works for me.

My problem is that I want to use the Post Image solely for the automatic thumbnailing. I hate it set so that the Post Images won’t show up in the actual post, but unfortunately, they still show up on my main Index page on my Featured posts. Is there any way I can totally remove their visibility and just use them for their thumbnail?

Using Thesis Post Images and Thumbnails in your posts (including the options for each).
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    to use the post image and thumbnail field in Thesis, the Post Image or Thumbnail Image Field in Thesis

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Adding Image and Thumbnail on Post of Thesis Theme

The design I have has thumbnail images in the featured posts and no images in the teaser posts. And I can’t have a post image in the actual blog post either. The bloggers need more flexibility than that. I could probably do some css hack, but I’m hoping there is a better way than that… any ideas?

Thesis Tutorial Excerpts with Thumbnail Image

ok, what’s weird is that I posted in only the thumbnail section then only in the post section and post was the only thing that displayed anything. Just did a new post and tried it in the post section and the thumb was blank. Tried in thumbnail section and is now working. Weird. Not sure what happened before.
Anyway, one more question that I haven’t been able to figure out…
I know how to make the main Nav menu have drop downs from child tabs, but how do I make the category menu have drop down tabs?
Thanks again.

DIY Thesis: almost all you need to know about post …

Is there a way to make a thumbnail show on the homepage and it not show in the post itself? I’ve tried different combinations of stuff, but anything that shows on the homepage always shows at the top of the post page. Thanks.

Author Kate Wilson Posted on ..

I guess the main questions are… can you have a post image that doesn’t show up in the actual post? Could I have a post image in a post and not have a thumbnail in the teaser? Can I have a thumbnail image that only shows up in a featured post, but not in the teaser?

almost all you need to know about post images and ..

The post where I wanted to used the same image for both and left the url for the thumbnail under Post Image and Thumbnail blank, it didn’t work. No thumbnail image, just an active link.

WordPress Post Thumbnails with Captions - Bill Erickson

Hi again Kim. Thanks for the images which I think look fine. The two featured post and couple of teasers work well for you. You are talking about design issues here, and I believe it is possible to achieve what you want. Working backwards through your questions, yes, you can have a post image or a thumbnail image in a post and not have a thumbnail in the teaser by simply using the WP ‘insert image in post’ option, i.e., what you DON’T do when you are using the Thesis option to insert a post image and use the same image as an auto-cropped thumbnail for the teasers. Just select the size you want, and away you go. As to posting an image that doesn’t show up in the actual post … not sure what you mean here … maybe this is not a separate question?

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