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NURS 5123. Pharmacotherapeutics (Su). 3 Hours.

NURS 5003. Theoretical and Scientific Foundations for Nursing Practice (Fa). 3 Hours.

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NURS 3901H. Honors Nursing Thesis Tutorial (Sp, Su, Fa). 1 Hour.

1. Upon admission to the RN-BSN program, students may qualify for thirty-six (36) hours of advanced placement and articulation congruent with the Texas Articulation Model – NURS 3164, 3263, 3003, 3174, 3273, 3185, 3284, 4163, 4262, 4183, 4282 awarded toward the Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree.

NURS 2032. Therapeutic and Interprofessional Communication (Sp, Su, Fa). 2 Hours.

The program integrates three substantive dimensions of practice-focused doctoral education making it uniquely responsive to current trends and needs in nursing and healthcare. First, it focuses on the development of leaders who will have skills in translating advanced knowledge to decrease health disparities and improve health outcomes of diverse populations. Secondly, the graduate of the program will be a nurse leader who is able to transform health care and organizational systems through the role of advanced practice nurse (practitioner). Finally, the graduate of the program may also practice in academia; thus addressing the urgent need for nursing faculty.

NURS 4013. Informatics for the Professional Nurse (Sp, Fa). 3 Hours.

An earned master’s degree in nursing from a program accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

The graduates from the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program will be prepared for leadership in direct patient care and system-based care roles. The post master’s entrance for the PVAMU DNP program will build on the professional nurse’s depth and scope of knowledge and information management to become adept in the application of evidence-based science to practice. DNP graduates will be experts in directing care for quality improvement and the management of information and organizations of individuals and populations. The acquisition of advanced knowledge and clinical judgment will afford society a fully educated nurse leader who champions care and accountability in delivering care for population outcomes. Overall, the PVAMU DNP program will position the graduate in exhibiting transformational leadership to effect and generate health policy development, evidence-base practice careers, and evaluation in collaboration with inter-professional teams and partnerships.

NURS 600V. Master's Thesis (Sp, Su, Fa). 1-3 Hour.

Applicants, who have not completed a graduate statistics course or master’s level course in nursing research in less than five years, will be required to complete one master’s level nursing research and/or advanced statistics course before or upon entering the DNP sequence of courses. Satisfactory performance with a minimum grade of “B” will be required, and the student must complete the nursing research and/or statistics course within the first semester of enrollment in the program.

The central purpose of Distance Education at Prairie View A&M University is the elimination of geographical distance and time as barriers to access to quality courses and programs. Current course offerings include accounting, education administration, counseling, community development, communications, computer science, curriculum & instruction, economics, educational foundation, educational leadership, English, finance, human development, history, health, juvenile justice, psychology, mechanical engineering, management, marketing, management information systems, nursing, political science, sociology, Spanish, speech, special education and supervision.

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  • NURS 498VH. Nursing Honors Thesis/Project (Sp, Su, Fa). 1-3 Hour.

    B. Declaratory Order Petition Request Form from the College of Nursing

  • NURS 4013 Introduction to the Research Process: 3 semester hours.

    NURS 4452. Professional Role Implementation VI: Role Synthesis (Sp, Fa). 2 Hours.

  • NURS 4373 Nursing and the Aged: 3 semester hours.

    NURS 4613. Professional Role Implementation VII: Role Synthesis (Sp, Fa). 3 Hours.

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NURS 5013 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing: 3 semester hours.

Advanced Practice Courses must be taken if not completed within the past 5 years. Transfer credits may be accepted for the Advanced Practice Courses. Nurses that are recognized as Advanced Practice Nurses are required to take the Nurse Practitioner Specialty Courses (20hrs).

NURS 5403 ADM I-Organizational Theory: 3 semester hours.

A student who encounters problems arising from course matriculation's, advancement to candidacy, degree requirements, or general regulations should follow the academic appeal procedure that starts with the academic advisor. If a student wishes to appeal the decision, the Dean may refer the matter to an appeals panel for investigation and a recommended course of action. Appeals that move beyond the Dean, College of Nursing, should be referred to the Office of Graduate Programs who may refer the matter to the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.

NURS 5803 Thesis Proposal Writing: 3 semester hours.

Upon admission to the DNP Program, the student will be assigned to a faculty advisor. Students may be paired with more than one mentor, depending upon their professional and academic needs. The faculty advisor will work with the student to coordinate the selection of mentor(s).

NURS 5903 Thesis: 3 semester hours.

Students are allowed only TWO (2) withdrawals (W) from required nursing courses. For example, a withdrawal from one course twice constitutes TWO (2) withdrawals; or a withdrawal from two different courses constitutes TWO (2) withdrawals. Withdrawal from a course that is a companion to a co-requisite course will constitute ONE withdrawal if the grade is passing in one of the above courses. A third withdrawal from any one or more courses will result in DISMISSAL from the nursing program.

THESIS in NURSING | Preventive Healthcare | Health …

In accordance with the Office of Research and Graduate Studies and the College of Nursing, transfer students will have to satisfy the same criteria for admission as listed for initial applicants. The transference of graduate credit earned from another accredited institution will not exceed six credit hours with a minimum grade of “B” and will be subjected to the preference of the College of Nursing Office of Admissions and Student Services.

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