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Furthermore to this their economic problems were extremely acute.

The academia of economics, as well as its material behavior, is based around man, society, and institutions.

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Here we have another distinguishing feature of economic laws.

Of course, when the United States and Britain assisted Germany's economic recovery, they did so with a view to setting a recovered Germany against the Soviet Union, to utilizing her against the land of socialism.

The theories that are used to solve financial problems are usually true, but not always.

    Of course, extra-economic coercion did play a part in strengthening the economic power of the feudal landlords; however, not it, but feudal ownership of the land was the basis of feudalism.

How are we to educate them in Marxism-Leninism?

It superficially and descriptively notes the process of merging of the monopolies with the state, but it does not reveal the economic import of this process.

    As to economic planning, it can achieve positive results only if two conditions are observed: a) if it correctly reflects the requirements of the law of balanced development of the national economy, and b) if it conforms in every way to the requirements of the basic economic law of socialism.

It purposes is to create jobs by making the local economy develop.

Balanced development of the national economy, and hence, economic planning, which is a more or less faithful reflection of this law, can yield nothing by themselves, if it is not known for what purpose economic development is planned, or if that purpose is not clear.

In the second place, machines not only economize labour; they also lighten the labour of the worker, and accordingly, in our conditions, in contradistinction to the conditions of capitalism, the workers use machines in the processes of labour with the greatest eagerness.

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  • Short-run variation of economic growth is termed the business cycle.

    To write a powerful economics thesis, certain elements must be included.

  • How is the current economic environment affecting hospitals.

    national debt are the major recurring economic problems that threaten the prosperity of the nation.

  • Planning is an approach towards the problem solving rationally....

    On the contrary, it will only help worsen an economy that is currently in rough shape.

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This problem was not discussed in the Marxist classics.

The essential features and requirements of the basic law of socialism might be formulated roughly in this way: the securing of the maximum satisfaction of the constantly rising material and cultural requirements of the whole of society through the continuous expansion and perfection of socialist production on the basis of higher techniques.

Founding of the Political Economy of Socialism by V.

    Consequently: instead of maximum profits -- maximum satisfaction of the material and cultural requirements of society; instead of development of production with breaks in continuity from boom to crisis and from crisis to boom -- unbroken expansion of production; instead of periodic breaks in technical development, accompanied by destruction of the productive forces of society -- an unbroken process of perfecting production on the basis of higher techniques.

All these together constitute the province of political economy.

    We are all acquainted with facts from the history and practice of capitalism illustrative of the rapid development of technology under capitalism, when the capitalists appear as the standard-bearers of the most advanced techniques, as revolutionaries in the development of the technique of production.

Economic problems thesis by ซกฮา เคลือวัลย์ - issuu

    The importance of the basic economic law of capitalism consists, among other things, in the circumstance that, since it determines all the major phenomena in the development of the capitalist mode of production, its booms and crises, its victories and defeats, its merits and demerits -- the whole process of its contradictory development -- it enables us to understand and explain them.

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    It should therefore be said that nowhere are machines used so willingly as in the U.S.S.R., because they economize the labour of society and lighten the labour of the worker, and, as there is no unemployment in the U.S.S.R., the workers use machines in the national economy with the greatest eagerness.

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It is precisely the necessity of securing the maximum profits that drives monopoly capitalism to such risky undertakings as the enslavement and systematic plunder of colonies and other backward countries, the conversion of a number of independent countries into dependent countries, the organization of new wars -- which to the magnates of modern capitalism is the "business" best adapted to the extraction of the maximum profit -- and, lastly, attempts to win world economic supremacy.

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