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This module focuses on the richly inventive surge of women's writing in French since the early 1990s and on the emergence of a 'new generation' of female authors. It explores experimental texts by writers of both French and immigrant origin and analyses the prevalence and the treatment of a number of key themes, such as identity quests; bodies and sexuality; trauma, loss and healing; mothers and mothering; language and writing. A range of genres is studied which may include the novel, autofiction, phototexts, crime writing, short stories and poetry. Works are analysed for their intrinsic formal and thematic interest, and are also read within the broader context of postfeminism and the feminist inheritance. A strong emphasis is placed on working out theoretically-informed responses to fascinating and often controversial texts and authors, whose place within the history of (French) women's writing is yet to be determined.

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This module will introduce students to a wide range of different writings during the later part of the nineteenth-century including drama, poetry, art and literary criticism, the short story and the novel. Students will be encouraged to explore such issues as the construction of the self and personality, representation of the body, gender and sexuality, the figure of the artist, and degeneration as well as making a more general survey of the visual and literary imagination in the writings of the period. The module aims to build up confidence in approaching a wide variety of literary texts (including poetry) and to improve close reading skills.

Assessment: 80.0% Dissertation, 20.0% PracticalLevel: 7Timetable:

Students will read a selection of four of Thomas Hardy's novels and a selection of his poetry in conjunction with selected contemporary scientific, social and aesthetic writings (Darwin, Arnold, Ruskin, J S Mill, Pater, The Life of Thomas Hardy by Florence Emily Hardy) and will consider relationships between them. We will consider issues of self-representation in Hardy's writings and will study techniques of prosody and of representation in fiction which have led Hardy to be describes as both Victorian and early modernist. This is a level six module which will draw on previous experience of writings of the period, and of earlier and later writers, in engagement with the concerns, tropes and techniques of Hardy's writings.

The ancient story of the Trojan war and the fall of Troy was current in the Middle Ages in many versions. Chaucer experimented with it in the form of Troilus and Criseyde, an account of the betrayal of the Trojan prince Troilus by Criseyde. This module will begin with a study of Chaucer's poem (in Middle English), and its use of ancient history to focus issues of moment in England in the late fourteenth century. It will continue with investigations of two fifteenth-century poems, John Lydgate's Troy Book and Robert Henryson's Testament of Cresseid, both of which respond to Chaucer's writing while at the same time exploring in other ways the matter of Troy.

Assessment: 100.0% DissertationLevel: 7Timetable:

Foucault's writings offer possible new histories of the subjects (mental illness, sexuality, discourses) that he tackled; they are also imaginative and undisciplined texts. In this module we read a selection of Foucault's major works, in translation, and consider some of the arguments they have provoked in literature, history and related modern disciplines. We will read some of Foucault's central texts until reading week; the second part of the module will open up more thematic and critical issues, such as the engagement of Foucault's work with that of Nietzsche, Derrida, Said and others.

"This module introduces students to developments in the literature of the late Victorian period with an eye to its possible influences on modernist writing. Students are encouraged to explore such issues as the construction of the self and personality, representation of the body, the role of the artist with reference to gender and sexuality, Decadence, and the 'New Woman', as well as making a more general survey of aesthetics, style, and the visual and literary imagination in the writings of the period. Students study a variety of different kinds of writing including poetry, drama, art and literary criticism, and the novel. Writers included are Swinburne, Pater, Wilde, and Hardy, and lesser known figures such as Vernon Lee and Charlotte Mew."

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Assessment: 100.0% DissertationLevel: 7Timetable:

America in the nineteenth century was the quintessential boom and bust nation. If you weren't getting ahead then you were "going to smash." This module examines the creation of this restless society, going beyond economics to explore the culture of American capitalism in its transformative years. Beginning with slavery and the trade of empire, we will go on to explore the expansion of capitalism through a series of urban case studies in New York, Chicago, New Orleans and beyond. Together we will examine how American culture became intertwined with capitalism: examining the growth of individualism, the fear of failure, the shape of a Panic and the rise of risk-taking. We will finish with a look at how industrial capitalism in the US shaped the dreams and desires of a modern and powerful society.

Using novels, pamphlets, advertisements, newspapers, magazines, memoirs, diaries, images and objects we will uncover the ways Americans constructed, experienced and challenged the culture of capitalism as it grew into its modern dimensions.

Assessment: 100.0% DissertationLevel: 7Timetable:

"Peripheral Modernities seeks to explore how entry to the modern world, or how exclusion from the modern world, is experienced, perceived and explained from the global peripheries. In so doing, it aims to reverse the usual perspective from which modernity itself is considered. The module opens by a conceptual consideration of how we might begin to theorize a 'peripheral' modernity. It is then followed by a range of texts which will focus (variously) on the Caribbean, South Africa/Africa, southern Asia, the Middle East and on those instances of peripheral modernities which underwrite the erstwhile metropolitan nations."

Assessment: 100.0% DissertationLevel: 7Timetable:

This module is about things you can do on stage without acting. Since the 1960s, among many serious attempts to reinvigorate the work of the performer, some artists have tried to avoid acting altogether. This module will explore how we might make theatre out of such behaviour: task-based activities, durational work, working from audio and video feeds, building systems and making mistakes, using transcripts, following stage directions to the letter, doing nothing, flirting and listening to music.

Assessment: 100.0% DissertationLevel: 7Timetable:

"This module aims to situate Shakespeare's work within the early modern global world. It will examine how far Shakespeare's drama draws on the idea of 'the global' in its setting, language, characterisation and action. It asks how far the theory and history of globalisation helps us to understand the ways in which a variety of ethnic, racial, commercial, religious and national forces are addressed in Shakespeare's work, from obvious plays like Othello and The Tempest, to more surprising texts like the Henriad."

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