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Also, this skin is also built for Thesis version 1.8.

We are going to "fork" the newest Wordpress official theme to just change the font it uses.

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Daniel, glad you like the skin!

I’m happy if I could help a little.
I’m still having a problem, but it’s not the skin, it’s me and my very very basic skills with CSS : the widgets in the footer appear below each other instead of being next to each other.

First thing you need to do, is to create the child theme folder, where its files are going to be.

Students will examine constitutional provisions, interpretation of statutory and case law, legal aspects of arrest, rules governing search and seizure, and institutional responsibilities of the criminal justice system within a multicultural society.

John, I’m glad you like the skin!

If you are having issues or find any bugs with a child theme, please visit the  for help.[/note]

Web Techy, I’m glad you like the skin. I’m working on another one now that should be available shortly. You might want to subscribe to our RSS feed so you don’t miss it!

Loving the detailed set up instructions. Working on it now – see how it turns out 🙂 Kudos for the free release! (once built you get link from site)

I hope that helps & I’m glad you enjoy the skin 🙂

Great job with the skins, I’m playing around with Network right now. I have no idea what I’m doing in general with design and CSS – could you tell me how to go about changing the header/logo? I see the part in the instructions saying to change the path to where my image is located, but I’m not sure how to define a path for an image i have on my desktop, not online. Does that make any sense? Would appreciate any help!

Thanks for sharing this great Thesis skin! I actually had my site designed in a VERY similar fashion and deleted my Thesis folder by accident today. It turns out that I had backed up everything but the stylesheet but luckily your skin was there to save the day (and my site).

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  • My thesis site still use thesis 1.7 and your previous skin.

    And, while I firmly believe that, there is one slight problem… there just aren’t many skins available yet.

  • Installing Thesis BP Child Theme Tutorial - YouTube

    In order to download the files for the skin you’ll need to enter your name and email in the form to the left.

  • Understanding WordPress Child Themes in ..

    @xphunt3r yeah, it handles three column just fine. I’m glad you like the skin.

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Oyake-Thesis-Child-Theme - Simple Thesis Theme Skin

If you get a call to an undefined function dynamic_content_galler you need to install the Dynamic Content Gallery plugin (as mentioned in the post & several times in the comments).

The Responsive Skin + Child Theme Starter ..

This looks like a great skin. I’m going to try it out, looks just what I was looking for. Thanks for taking the time to produce it and give it away.

Themedy - Genesis Themes & Thesis 2 Skins

Thanks Ben for updating the skin for 1.8. Perfect timing as I’m just about to ask. However I don’t know where to download the update. When I entered name and email address it said I’d already registered, and would not send me a download link like the first time I registered. Thanks!

Genesis Themes & Thesis 2 Skins

Is this becuase I have no content on the site yet? Some of the skin formatting loaded like the 100 pxl logo box and so on. If you want to see what it looks like, go to .

Our Genesis child themes are coded to ..

Hi, I had installed your skins on my locally hosted WP on my laptop so I tweak it around and so far I am LOVIN’ it! Thank you very much!
I did ran into a bit of a problem when I put stuffs on the footer widget areas all of them are stacks to the right hand side on top of one another instead of 4 widgets side by side. Hope you understand what I mean. Can you tell me how to fix this? Thanks, Ben!

Thesis Themes - The Best Thesis Wordpress Child Themes

Hi Ben!
Wondering why your Multimedia Box (and that whole right column) pushed down?? It’s doing the same for my test install. Any wisdom on changing the size of the Multimedia box? Can’t seem to find anything on the forum.

How to Install Thesis Theme Into WordPress - …

I really like your theme and have been playing with it for a day now. I have a small problem; i added an about page but i doesnt show. Do you now how i can fix it or what the problem is. My website is .

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