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My approach argues for a theory that recognizes the significance of the dual gender political system among the Asante and Akan peoples and the importance of viewing the political system, the legal system, the kinship system, and gender relations as one integrated system. Chieftancy provides a political as well as social foundation for the institutional practices of everyday life in Ghana today, bringing the modern state into conjunction with local affairs.
My research addresses the point at which cultural identity and modern politics intersect and identifies the significance of queen mothers in today's Ghana.

The Role Of Chieftaincy In Ghana | Feature Article 2006 …

Concentrating on Queen Mothers’ role as performed in contemporary society has led me to the anthropology of law, particularly the law of the Asante people as practiced in what is called the "customary courts" of Ghana. Concentrating on chieftaincy, including queen mothers, as practiced among contemporary Asante, my research analyzes the role of queen mothers as it is performed today, on narrative in Asante society, and on the chiefs' and queen mothers' courts and the litigants who utilize these courts to resolve disputes.

The Role Of Chieftaincy In Ghana ..

This study will be interested in looking at the effects of ethnic and communal violence in the form of chieftaincy conflicts on the socio-economic development of the affected local areas.

As female authorities, the position of Queen Mother parallels that of the chief in the indigenous political system known as chieftancy. Never married to each other, chiefs and queen mothers each have their own stool, the symbol of authority among the Akan. Responsible for selecting and advising the chief, Queen Mothers are also responsible for the welfare of women in their specific village or town. They are important in settling disputes and resolving conflicts, particularly ones involving women.

My ethnographic study attempts to bring together perspectives of power and authority with those of performance and discourse to demonstrate the actual practices of custom and the politics of chieftancy. In contemporary Ghana, the influence of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank mixes with the forces of traditional authority, creating a dynamic set of influences and institutions.

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I have adopted the insights of the economic theories of war and predation to theorize that the factions in the Bawku Chieftaincy conflict are rational economic players who are interested in the economic, social and political rewards that accrue to the victorious faction.

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