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Kenneth M. Heck (Author of The Heck Hypothesis)

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06/08/2014 · What The Heck is..

Though damning, however, the sheer frankness of such concessions nonetheless simultaneously suggests that perhaps a somewhat different perspective and a different set of analytic tools are required to define more precisely the trade and industrial structures of the Hijaz at the rise of Islam. To these ends, seeking to reconcile the conflicting views, the analysis that follows augments the ongoing sixth to seventh-century Makkan "commercial structures dialogue," by synthesizing source documentation with extant physical evidence. We then view the findings through the prism, and using the tools, of the modern business economist - in so doing, drawing analogies with the operational dynamics of contemporary commerce that display similar characteristics. This can be a productive analytic approach. For, given the horizontally integrated free market economy that then prevailed in West Arabia, "modified upstream development regression analysis" - i.e., tracing the commodities of trade back to their basic production processes, and in turn, further back to their original resource inputs - can, in this instance, yield illuminating insights.[17]

The Heck Hypothesis: Crop Circle Insight: Kenneth M

In short, the market functioning of the early medieval Hijaz was no more than the dynamic of fundamental free-market economics operating in an early medieval Mideast commercial setting. Hijazi market demand fluctuated by season, creating certain infrastructural imbalances and, with them, demand shifts in both import and export requirements. It was precisely this dynamic that produces the quite natural "coals to Newcastle" bilateral trade patterns. For Newcastle imports coals perforce when it cannot readily meet local demand.

The Heck Hypothesis: Sbw: Kenneth M

In sum, the early medieval Arabs had at their disposal both the resource base and the business tools needed to achieve what the Islamic sources claim they did. Whatever the strengths or weaknesses of any particular source, moreover, the data, when taken in aggregate, converge in a compelling way to indicate that early medieval West Arabia enjoyed the presence of a substantially productive economic base and an attendant, equally significant multi-directional trade in the commodities produced. The net result, then, is not a commercial illusion produced by hagiographic lore. It is, instead, a rational data-composite effectively defining a complete and fully integrated free-market macroeconomy.

Yet Crone, among others, wrestles with what she calls the "carrying coals to Newcastle" trade phenomenon. Why would a region export products from a specific commodity category - be it clothing, leather goods, or foodstuffs - to a particular area, and then import products from the same category back again? From the standpoint of economic theory, the answer is simple. Demand, quality, taste, preference, and price differentials play highly significant roles in creating particular commercial patterns. It often is the case that one region manufactures a lesser quality product that meets lower or middle-class needs, while another makes more pricey, sophisticated products of the same generic type, and that these goods are then exchanged between them. That is why one finds today a particular industrial district of Germany manufacturing Volkswagens, "people's vehicles," while another produces the more expensive Mercedes.

What the Heck Is a Claustrum? | Psychology Today

In my junk box (before I cleaned the shop and sold the aluminum scrap) I found a timing plate assembly off a older QD 10hp with the coils, points with condensers still attached. They looked very similar, WHAT THE HECK, presto the plate measured the same and even fit the pivot post a lot tighter than the one I took off. There were items like the timing cam plate and throttle linkage pivot that were different, but once these were removed the others off the 6hp bolted on with one difference. The only real difference was the mounting holes for the timing cam plate. The 10hp was rotated to the right one bolt hole. However there was no hole or threads there for one end of the 6hp timing cam. The casting boss was there, being cast into the base. I drilled and tapped a #10-24 hole centered in the blank boss, bolted the 6hp parts on, presto, it was good to go.

35. See G. Heck, "," 42 (1999): 363ff. It is critical to bear in mind, however, that while this analysis focuses upon the Hijaz and West Central Najd, there likewise are contemporary reports of medieval mining in what is now modern Yemen, Oman, and elsewhere on the Arabian Peninsula.

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    The fourth and final edition of The Heck Hypothesis has just been published.

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Heck, it might be on this page right now.

We've all tried debating somebody with an unfalsifiable hypothesis, and we all know how futile it is.

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