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the first step in the synthesis of 2-(bromomethyl)-5-aryl ..

Packaging 25, 100 g in glass bottle Application Methyl bromoacetate was used in the synthesis of novel coumarins

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A synthesis of 4-bromomethyl-2'-formylbiphenyl and 4-bromomethyl-2 ..

Pd(PPh3)4 (2.5 mol%) was added to 2-bromo-5-(bromomethyl)thiophene (2, 1 eq, 0.976 mmol) under nitrogen atmosphere and the resulting mixture was stirred for 30 min with the addition of 1,4-dioxane (2.5 mL). After 30 min the aryl boronic acid (1.1 eq, 1.073 mmol), K3PO4 (2 eq, 1.952 mmol) and water (0.625 mL) were added []. The whole mixture was stirred for 12 h at 90°C, and was later removed and cooled to room temperature. After cooling to ambient temperature, the mixture was diluted with ethyl acetate and the organic layer was separated, dried with magnesium sulfate and the solvent was removed under vacuum. The obtained crude residue was purified by column chromatography using ethyl-acetate and n-hexane in (1:1) ratio to get the desired products, which were further analyzed by using different spectroscopic techniques.

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Bromomethyl acetate is involved in the preparation of optically active cyclohexene antisepsis agents. It acts as reagent in samarium diiodide-mediated conversion of ketones and aldehydes to 1,2-diacetates.

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Treatment of the 2-acetylquinoxaline thiosemicarbazone 233 with α-halogeno- ketones [189] gave the thiazoles 234 along thiazole synthesis.

It is seen that the regioselective functionalizations of halogenated heterocycles play an important role in the synthesis of several types of organic compounds. In this domain, the Suzuki-Miyaura reaction has emerged as a convenient way to build carbon-carbon bonds in synthesizing organic compounds. Some of the most important applications of these reactions can be seen in the synthesis of natural products, and in designing targeted pharmaceutical compounds. Herein, we present the regioselective synthesis of the novel series of 2-(bromomethyl)-5-aryl-thiophenes 3a-i,via Suzuki cross-coupling reactions of various aryl boronic acids with 2-bromo-5-(bromomethyl)thiophene (2).

Synthesis of 2-Bromomethyl-3-Hydroxy-2 …

Another approach for the synthesis of 2, 3-Bis (bromomethyl)quinoxaline derivatives 28 were synthesized by the condensation reaction of the corresponding -phenylenediamine derivatives 1a with 1,4-dibromo-2,3-butanedione 2 [13,116], shown in (Scheme 19).

For the first time, the present work focuses on the synthesis of various palladium (0) catalyzed Suzuki cross coupled derivatives of 2-bromo-5-(bromomethyl)thiophene, particularly with the aim to investigate their biological activities (Haemolytic and Antithrombolytic activities).

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  • Synthesis and Characterization of 4′-Bromomethyl-2 …

    Bromomethyl acetate is involved in the preparation of optically active cyclohexene antisepsis agents

  • Another approach for the synthesis of 2, 3-Bis (bromomethyl) ..

    Ethyl α-(hydroxymethyl)acrylate can be used for the synthesis of chloro and bromomethyl acrylates

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    28/06/2011 · Synthesis of 4-bromomethyl-2′-formylbiphenyl and 4-bromomethyl-2 ..

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Methyl bromoacetate 97% | Sigma-Aldrich

All compounds show highest biological activity, as in (Scheme 16).Quinoxaline-2-ones 25 were obtained in excellent yields by the condensation of -butyl- oxo-acetate 2 and -phenylenediamine 1a in DMF [114], shown in (Scheme 17).Condensation of -phenylenediamine 1a-c, f and 1, 2- dicarbonyl compounds 26 in the presence of a mild acidic reagent [115] lead to the synthesis of quinaxolines derivatives 27 in the presence of iodine as catalyst using microwave irradiation, shown in (Scheme 18).

bromomethyl acetate, CAS Number: 590-97-6

We have investigated the Suzuki cross coupling reactions of 2-bromo-5-(bromomethyl)thiophene (2) with various aryl boronic acids under optimized conditions. To the best of our knowledge, no such work on the synthesis and biological activities of 2-(bromomethyl)-5-aryl-thiophenes (3a–i) has been reported to date.


As outlined in the reaction scheme (1), the first step in the synthesis of 2-(bromomethyl)-5-aryl-thiophenes (3a–i) is the preparation of intermediate compound 2-bromo-5-(bromomethyl)thiophene (2), which was obtained in 58% yield from the reaction between 2-methylthiophene (1) and N-bromosuccinamide in CCl4 [] (Scheme ).

Bromomethyl acetate | CAS 590-97-6 - Order from …

Building block and reactant for synthesis. Used in the synthesis of ptically active agents or in the conversion of ketones and aldehydes to 1,2-diacetates. Shown to have cytotoxic and mutagenic effects.

Organic Synthesis Pharmaceutical ..

In conclusion, novel series of 2-(bromomethyl)-5-aryl-thiophenes(3a–i) were synthesized, and the cytotoxicity of the newly synthesized compounds (2, 3a-i) against the human blood cells was investigated. Almost, all the tested compounds revealed some haemolytic activity in the safe range but in particular 3f and 3i exhibited highest lysis of blood cells viz. 69.7 and 33.6 % respectively. The synthesized compounds exhibited low to moderate antithrombolytic activity against human blood clot. The compound 3i was found more potent for clot lysis among all synthesized compounds. We anticipate that the continued investigation in this field will provide new insights and promote the progress towards the development of ideal thrombolytic therapy, characterized by maximized stable coronary arterial thrombolysis with minimal bleeding. The highly toxic compounds are deemed to be potential antitumor agents.

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