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1H and 13C NMR spectra of compounds 1, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 14 ()

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These spontaneous drawings created on my iPad erupt from a mirthful and meditative place within me. They are made in a joyful, searching spirit by a child who teaches me how to live. He takes my delight in abstraction, animation, humor and fantasy and somehow draws it out of me. It has become a daily practice of discovery.

The Supporting Information is available free of charge on the  at DOI: .

Filmed at night, illuminated snow moves based on the intensity, wind direction and speed of various winter storms. The snow changes quickly between subtle and sharp movements, magical moments, abstract patterns and unexpected visual references.

1155 Sixteenth Street N.W.Washington, DC 20036

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Dan Murphy is artist and designer local to the Boston Area, He studied Painting and Finance at Boston College (’11). He also studied graphic design at Massart (’16). He is currently working as a Visual Designer in the User Experience Department at Fidelity Investments. He continues to paint, draw, and write on the side – now that is living on the edge!

What happens when all of your culinary knowledge is a farce and you’re just tryin’ to get by? What brings us solace in times of uncertainty? Maybe the fish knows.

- An expiration date is provided for super dehydrated solvents.

Each 100 mL- and 500 mL package has a special cap through which a syringe needle can be inserted.

The synthesis of multigram quantities of small molecule PCSK9 inhibitor (,)-3 is described. The route features a safe, multikilogram method to prepare 5-(4-iodo-1-methyl-1-pyrazol-5-yl)-2-tetrazole (10). A three-component dynamic kinetic resolution between tetrazole 10, acetaldehyde, and isobutyric anhydride was catalyzed by a chiral DMAP catalyst to afford enantiomerically enriched hemiaminal ester ()-12 on multikilogram scale. Magnesiation, transmetalation, and Negishi coupling provided access to Boc-intermediate (,)-13, which was deprotected to provide (,)-3 in multigram quantities.

Alternative preparation of compound 10, X-ray crystal structure of (,)-3, and data for the torsion angle scan of ()-12 and NMR spectra ()

Deoxidized grade products can be used in anaerobic and hydrophobic reactions.
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  • Her work can be found online at , and on .

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Fire comforts, cleanses, sustains until it doesn’t.

Joshua Pablo Rosenstock is a multimedia artist and musician based in Somerville, MA. He examines the relationship of humans to technology, employing an ever-expanding variety of analog, digital, and craft techniques to create dynamic intermedia works that incorporate moving images, sound, sculptural installation, and interactive performance. He earned an MFA in Art & Technology Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently an Associate Professor of Art and Interactive Media at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

His work has been featured in publications such as the , , and .

Tiger Training was developed from a body of work that I complete in a Mixed Reality installation. The mixed reality installation explored the relationship between real and virtual worlds where the audience was encouraged to “train” virtual animals using hand signals and voice commands. The animation that was displayed on the BCEC Marquee took advantage of the unique configuration of the Marquee. The pieces used the screens in such a way to allow the animated characters to move across both screens, and integrate the upper low resolution vertical screen along with high resolution animated graphics on the lower screens. The characters are developed for a game engine, with low poly models and high resolution textures and background, all developed in Maya. The work is the result of collaboration between Russell Pensyl, Ian Connell, a Northeastern students and Li Hua, a student from Peking University, in China.

Dennis Miller is a professor of Music at Northeastern University.

The Mists of Mortal Legends Team is Patrick Conroy, Sarah Delahanty, Giuliana Funkhouser, Darren Gagne, Allen Homan, Jacob Lee, Thomas Schlapp and Mark Thompson – a group of creative people working together in Needham for Turbine, part of Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment. Even though we are spread across the Quality Assurance, Sound/Video, Marketing and Art Departments, our collective enthusiasm for exploring video game culture through art drew us to this project. We hope you enjoyed our animated adventure as much as we had fun making it!

Dennis Miller is a professor of Music at Northeastern University.

For our contribution to the Art on the Marquee call for projects reflecting on video game culture, we have chosen to focus on visualizations of popular multiplayer battle games. A conflict between two alien armies and their champion warriors is presented using the perspectives commonly employed within real-time strategy, first-person shooter and 2D fighting games. The unfolding battle takes a humorous poke at common scenarios and mechanics associated with the classics that give video games as a media such widespread notoriety.

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