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. SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) demonstration. 0.25

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Synthesis Demonstration - YouTube

. German. "Guten Tag, und willkommen bei der Demonstration unseres deutschen Text nach Sprach Systems. Sie hören eine syntheetische Stimme. Dieses Programm setzt zunächst beliebige Texte in eine phonetische Transkription um. Anschliessend wird mittels Diphon-Synthese eine gesprochene Fassung des Textes erstellt. Wir danken Ihnen für Ihr Interesse. Auf Wiedersehen." 0.23

Chemistry Demonstrations | Archive | Synthesis Reactions

. An improved version of DECtalk. "DecTalk PC is a new and improved version of the well-known DecTalk speech synthesizer. It represents the state of the art in text-to-speech synthesis. This demonstration will provide some examples of DecTalk's capabilities." "DECtalk has nine standard voices and can speak at rates of 75 to 600 words per minute." "The DECtalk text-to-speech synthesizer converts computer text to intelligible speech." 0.29

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. American English. "Hi! Welcome to our demonstration of the American English TTS system. This program converts any written text into a phonetic representation. From this representation, a spoken version is then synthesized. Thus, the artificial voice which you have just been listening to. Thank you for your attention. Bye." 0.24

. Dutch. "Welkom bij deze demonstratie van ons nederlandstalig tekst-naar-spraak-systeem. U hoort een synthetische stem. Dit systeem zet om het even welke tekst om in een fonetische transcriptie. Vervolgens wordt op grond van deze transcriptie een gesproken boodschap gesynthetiseerd. Bedankt voor uw aandacht. Tot ziens." 0.24

Protein Synthesis Demonstration Model - Flinn Scientific

This article describes a four-reaction sequence for the synthesis of two organometallic "cobaloxime" derivatives. The concept of "Umpolung" or reversal of reactivity is demonstrated in the preparation of complexes. The complex Co(dmgH)2(4-t-BuPy)Et is formed by the reaction of a cobalt (I) intermediate (cobalt in the role of nucleophile) with ethyl iodide. The complex Co(dmgH)2(4-t-BuPy)Ph is formed by the reaction of PhMgBr with a cobalt (III) intermediate (cobalt in the role of electrophile). All the products contain cobalt in the diamagnetic +3 oxidation state and are readily characterized by proton and carbon NMR. The four reaction sequence may be completed in two 4-hour lab periods. Cobaloximes are well known as model complexes for Vitamin B-12 and the experiment exposes students to aspects of classical coordination chemistry, organometallic chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry. The experiment also illustrates an important reactivity parallel between organic and organometallic chemistry.

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