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Syno® 3.0 Chip-based DNA Synthesis

Chip based DNA synthesis

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Chip Based DNA Synthesis - Synbio Tech

Syno® 3.0 is truly a chip based next generation DNA synthesis platform. Our innovative Syno® 3.0 process allows us to offer the highest quality DNA fragments, de novo synthesized genes, pathways, genomes and variant libraries at the lowest price in the industry. The breadth of our product portfolio runs from short linear ssDNA fragments to long, sequence-perfect, clonal genes and genomes in any vector of choice.

Completely self contained, single chip voice synthesizer and complex sound synthesizer

Syno®3.0 synthetic platform of Synbio Tech. is a next-gen chip based DNA synthetic platform. With help of precise electrochemical technology, we can synthesize tens of thousands or even one hundred thousand primers for one-time synthesis on a semiconductor chip.

Hierarchical gene synthesis using DNA microchip oligonucleotides

Oligo Pools chip synthesis

Our innovative design and process can ensure the high quality DNA fragments (including primers, components and genes), the whole gene synthesis, pathway synthesis, genome synthesis, Oligo pool, as well as synthesis of various mutation libraries. Adopting the chip synthesis technology in real sense, we provide the best price and flux in synthetic biology industry. The customized services of our gene products have covered the synthesis, construction and shuttle of arbitrary DNA fragment in any vector system.

Doing the synthesis using a third-party software usually yields better-optimized netlists (put more and/or faster logic into your FPGAs).Place-and-route (P&R) describes several processes where the netlist elements are physically places and mapped to the FPGA physical resources, to create a file that can be downloaded in the FPGA chip.P&R can take a few seconds for a small FPGA, or a few hours for a big one.P&R is always done by the FPGA software from the FPGA vendor, because FPGA vendors do not publish enough information about the internals of their devices to allow any other company to create P&R software.

Ode to the Chip Synthesis Hero | Electronic Design

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