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The Sol-Gel Gateway: Online PhD thesis

Scherrer, Sol-gel Science: The Physics and Chemistry of Sol-gel Processing (Academic Press, San Diego, 1990), Chap.

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TiO2 nanoparticles by sol-gel synthesis - YouTube

If the gel has been soaking with liquid CO2 and then you drain off the solvent, keep in mind that the gel is immersed in an atmosphere rich with its pore fluid and so the rate of evaporation of liquid from the pores of the gel is exactly matched by the rate of recondensation of vapor into the pores (the pore fluid and surrounding atmosphere are in equilibrium). So in generally it’s okay if the gel is “naked” for a little while but generally I drain the CO2 until it’s just above the top of the gel, let it partially refill, drain a little bit more, then totlally refill. That said I have a vertical pressure vessel and you may have a horizontally-oriented one like a Polaron so you would want to partially drain and refill several times per exchange.

 (2014) Surface modification of 316L stainless steel by Sol-Gel method. BTech thesis.

Fascinating website – I was quite surprised to find this when doing some internet searches for sources of aerogel materials / samples for a research project I am working on. I’m not sure I want to get into making my own aerogels without first understanding that they will work for what I need them, but the information for consolidated here is really something nonetheless. Could you possibly shed some light on a couple of the physical properties of, say your basic silica aerogel?

Sol-Gel Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoparticles

(2012) Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles by Sol-Gel Process. MSc thesis.

Dear Sirs,
I am trying to achieve thermal insulation on textile substrates using hydrophobic silica aerogel in powder form. For this purpose I have been trying to disperse the aerogel powder in PU and Acrylic binder solutions. Which I have not been able to get. Can you please suggest me a suitable way to achieve thermal insulation using hydrophobic silica aerogel powder? What are the solvent system that can be used to apply aerogel on textile substrates.

1) Is “aeroclay” something that is based off of aerogel?
2) Easiest way to obtain samples of aerogel?
3) What form of silica gel is used to make aerogel?The acid or the solid little marble things that come in those little bags to keep your things dry?

The nanoparticles have been synthesized by sol-gel technique

Can anything be added in the solution to change the water-repellant behaviour of the aerogel?

I dont know if its a silly question what would happen if you took rubber cement like a neoprene glue that uses a solvent to dry with and used the process to make an aerogel on it? would love to know.

Not a silly question and actually a good idea! The question is whether or not you can get a gel to setup without the solvent drying. Might happen on its own, might need a crosslinker. Give it a shot! If you can get a gel, you’ll probably be able to purify it and do supercritical drying.

The influence of the sol-gel reactants glycerol, sodium fluoride and isopropanol upon the radius of gyration of CALB in solution was determined.
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  • Synthesis and Characterization of NiO Nanoparticles by Sol–Gel Method

    Aggregation of which particles? Nanoparticles in the sol or macroparticles formed from breaking up the gel monolith?

  • Sol-gel synthesis of phosphates - ScienceDirect

    Q: During the exchange water in the gel with ethanol, how can I determine the gel has only ethanol as solvent?

  • They have been used as precursors for the sol-gel synthesis ..

    Second, during the exchange water in the gel with ethanol, how can I determine the gel has only ethanol as solvent?

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SOLIDS Sol-gel synthesis of phosphates J ..

They allow formation of solid materials through gelation of precursorsolutions and can be used to control composition and to produce a large number ofuseful morphologies such as films, monoliths, aerogels, foams and materials withordered pores on various length scales.

Sol-gel synthesis of lanthanum chromite powder - …

Often the synthesis of non-oxide materials usingsol-gel methods has focused on producing powders for applications such as catalysis,where controlled porosity and basic catalytic sites are the point of interest.
In this thesis, formation of silicon nitride based materials as thin films, aerogels, inverseopal films and phosphor powders have been synthesised using non-oxide sol-gelmethods.

The same sol-gel process can also be ..

(2005) Fabrication and characterization of microlasers by the sol-gel method. Dissertation (Ph.D.), California Institute of Technology.

Sol-Gel Synthesis of Transparent Alumina ..

Aerogelswere prepared through a small change in the sol preparation conditions leading to bulkgelation, supercritical drying was then applied to these gels.

How CuO synthesized by using Sol-Gel route?

The effects of several coatingtechniques and different pyrolysis temperatures on film morphologies have beenstudied.
In addition, the sol-gel process offers an effective and controllable means of addingelements into Si-N matrix with the aim of combining the low reactivity of silicon nitridematerials with other functional properties.

Sol-Gel Template Synthesis and Characterization of PT, …

French "Commissariat for Atomic Energy"
Coatings prepared by the Sol-Gel route: colloidal and polymeric sol synthesis, optical thin films for high power lasers, room and low temperature prepared coatings, antireflective and mirrored coatings, protective coatings, high-permittivity films, large-area deposition techniques, dip-, spin- and laminar flow coating methods.

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