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also good idea for large scale site inventory and analysis ..

(Program Development, Site Inventory); Analysis (Site ..

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Inventory and Analysis of Archaeological Resources On …

This train of ideas ought to be called analysis if we accept the terminology of Pappus. If the primitive man succeeds in finishing hisanalysis he may become the inventor of the bridge and of the axe. What will be the synthesis? Translation of ideas into actions. The finishing act of the synthesis is walking along a tree across the creek.

With our on-site production capabilities and a large inventory of starting ..

On occasion the useful degree of analysis may, conversely, be such asto cut into a simple word of ordinary language, requiring its paraphrase into a composite term in which other terms are compounded with the help of canonical notation. When this happens, the line of analysis adopted will itself commonly depend on what is sought in theinquiry at hand; again there need be no question of the uniquely right analysis, nor of synonymy. (1960, §33, 160-1)

also good idea for large scale site inventory and analysis

Landscape site inventory and analysis

The primary weapon is analysis. And analysis is the evocation of insight by the hypothetical suggestions of thought, and the evocationof thought by the activities of direct insight. In this process the composite whole, the interrelations, and the things related, concurrently emerge into clarity. (Essays in Science and Philosophy, New York: Philosophical Library, 1947, 157)

There are two kinds of truths, those of reason and those of fact. Truths of reason are necessary and their opposite is impossible; truths of fact are contingent and their opposite is possible. When a truth is necessary, its reason can be found by analysis, resolving it into simpler ideas and truths, until we come to those that are primitive. (M, §33; tr. R. Latta)

The terms analysis and synthesis has ..

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There are two ways in which one can arrive at a general concept: either by the arbitrary combination of concepts, or by separating out that cognition which has been rendered distinct by means of analysis. Mathematics only ever draws up its definitions in the first way. For example, think arbitrarily of four straight lines bounding a plane surface so that the opposite sides are not parallel to each other. Let this figure be called a trapezium. The concept which I am defining is not given prior to the definition itself; on the contrary, it only comes into existence as a result of that definition. Whatever the concept of a cone may ordinarily signify, in mathematics, the concept is the product of the arbitrary representation of a right-angled triangle which is rotated on one of its sides. In this and in all other cases the definition obviously comes into being as a result of synthesis.

Give a philosopher the concept of a triangle, and let him try to find out in his way how the sum of its angles might be related to a right angle. He has nothing but the concept of a figure enclosed by three straight lines, and in it the concept of equally many angles. Now he may reflect on this concept as long as he wants, yet he will never produce anything new. He can analyze [zergliedern] and make distinct the concept of a straight line, or of an angle, or of the number three, but he will not come upon any other properties that do not already lie in these concepts. But now let the geometer take up this question. He begins at once to construct a triangle. Since he knows that two right angles together are exactly equal to all of the adjacent angles that can be drawn at one point on a straight line, heextends one side of his triangle, and obtains two adjacent angles that together are equal to two right ones. Now he divides the external one of these angles by drawing a line parallel to the opposite side of the triangle, and sees that here there arises an external adjacent angle which is equal to an internal one, etc. In such a way, through a chain of inferences that is always guided by intuition, he arrives at a fully illuminating and at the same time general solution of the question. (CPR, A716-7/B744-5)

Inventory and Analysis of Archaeological Resources On 3.8 Sections of Land Near the Bisti Badlands, Northwestern New Mexico. Author(s): Margaret A. Powers
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