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They travelled by horse over the cefn (escarpments) of mountains.

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There is an escarpment in Palleg, named Llwyn Cwnstabl, i.e.

It must be said though that the Mabinogion fables were not written down until the late 13thC, and only published widely in the 1840s, but the 1812 maps carry the names associated with it.

a real job, citing his age as maybe hindering him from a

Silent Spring
discuss the consequences Carson suggests if we continue with the chemical pollution as she describes. I want you to consider the fact that in her time, the 1950’s and 1960’s, the power lines in a city like Clinton would be lined with birds, and now they are not. When I first moved here in 1991, the noise from tree frogs every night was pretty loud, and I guess in some sense annoying, but now it is pretty much gone, except for the odd frog. The silence is far worse than the noise to me.
However, OTOH, a move to ban DDT has been pretty disastrous, with increases in malaria deaths since the 1970s, when the ban DDT movement began. There is no evidence of any serious effect of DDT on humans and some indirect evidence that DDT harms birds (declines in bird populations correlate with the use of DDT, but no actual demonstration that DDT ingested by birds causes them harm). So I also want you to consider the consequences of totally banning the release of chemicals into the environment.
DISCUSSION on Forum (Must answer separately from main paper): I am interested in your take on Silent Spring in light of the modern environmental movement. I am interested in a critical analysis. Are all the things that have happened in this area good? Some good?None good?

for Carmarthen (1554) and Brecon (1558), J.P.

Artists: Vito Acconci, Cheryl Donegan, Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, Sturtevant, and Hannah Wilke

Edward Jenkins on 19th February 1835, intoxicated (maybe he had stopped for a tipple at the Redcow) was hurtling down the hill in his mail coach with 6 horses to Llandovery, swerving to avoid a cart, flew off a precipice 121 feet down and dashed it to pieces on an Ash tree.

From Llywel the coaches had to grind up a steep hill (often pulled by oxen) to reach Halfway House inn on the Carmarthen border, the Red Cow inn was suitably placed on this hill, giving a welcome break.

Wells and Oscar Wild and sold more of the estate after WWII.

Indeed, in Papal papers of 1421 Richard Mersfeld is named as the vicar of St Gunleus, Newport.

Kings, Devynnock, Laywell, Ystradvellte, Glyntawe & Penderyne in lp Brecon, suit & service of mill of customary tenants consist of carrying wood timber and stones for repairs, grinding all grist and corn.

mills in Devynock, Crassedy, Llywell, Astradveltey, and Pulchaughe, with the fishings of Neath and Towy, The crown reserves from this grant knights' fees, wards and marriages, advowsons, free gifts and rights of patronage of rectories, churches, vicarages, chapels, and mines of gold and silver.

We also have the Gnoll Stone carving at Cefn Hirfynydd 5 miles SE depicting a Celtic priest.
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  • Tops of neck harness, studs, buckles used on plough and cart horses.

    Scarlet Elder berries

  • Carniters ensured the freshness of meat and poultry.

    Please write a book review about “Silent Spring – Rachel Carson”, and include your opinion about the book. Thank you!

  • Driving a horse and cart in a 'furious manner', 4/6s.

    Curator: Niko Vicario

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Windows, chimneys, horses and carriages were taxed at various times.

There is also physical evidence on the above ground to date round houses, house platforms, limekilns and sheep enclosures back to the medieval period, from ruins at Llwyncwnstabl escarpment, Penwern and Cwmfforchwen farms according to the archaeologists.

I had scarcely used Welsh for 20 years.

The supporting beams, laid flat, each at least 4 metres across were hand carved from one solid oak branch or tree, I counted at least 24 at Brynhenllys (note: larch was also in use by 1777 in Wales).

4 acres of land carved from Henglyn Uchaf woods.

Under Godfrey Charles Morgan his son, 1831-1913 he became a viscount after serving in Crimea War, but died without issue, a bronze statue of him in full military regalia upon his horse 'Sir Briggs' stands in Cardiff.

Wood, stable (2), harness room, cart house, french barn.

My most impressive find was of a rock at Pen-y-wern within a circle of stones that had a very deeply carved notch in it that could have been used to hold a slat of wood.

Stone/zinc boiler house, pigsty, cart house.

Indeed, they had to acknowledge and forfeit by covenant 19,00 acres of land in Ystradgynlais additional to the 4000 or so they cared for in Palleg upon its sale.

Or from Llysg: sledge cart or staff.

The well worn drovers roads or cart tracks pass near Cwmfforchgwyn and Dorwen up through the Black Mountains to Llandeusant, the old Red Lion Inn conveniently situated there.

C.C.L.: Cardiff Central Library.

We also see a lingering debt to Henry Vaughan by Edward Williams in the sale of Palleg in 1747, that may have been carried on for several hundred years!

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