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Silent Dialogue, "Semicolon - close parenthesis" ; )

Placing a semicolon after the right parenthesis enclosing the parameter list of from PIC PIC 20A at UCLA

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Sentences in parentheses, followed by semicolon

I am not sure if the semicolon should go there. I read elsewhere on this site that the grammar of dashes should be applied to sentences in parentheses, but this did not go on to semicolons. The semicolon just seems so necessary. Also, if it were removed I would be left with configuration) (c) Am has (a closing parenthesis followed by an opening one. What is correct?

This is my text, how to get semicolon which are not enclosed in parenthesis using RegExp

Minus "-", excluding the exponential part of expression, is regarded as a binary operator.
Minus "-" at the beginning of the expression or immediately after the open parenthesis or immediately after the semicolon, is considered as that the beginning of zero is abbreviated.

Semicolons? parenthesis? colons? dashes? | Yahoo …

If your sentence requires a semicolon, you may, indeed, end up using it after a parenthetical.

Many writers struggle with punctuation marks. Commas and semicolons have been causing headaches among writers for centuries. Luckily, parentheses aren’t as complicated and are fairly easy to use properly with just a little learning. They often come in handy and can be used in fun or interesting ways with some types of writing. William Faulkner and E. E. Cummings were two celebrated writers who handily used parentheses in their creative writing.

There are four rules for semicolon use

Automatically Add Parentheses and a Semicolon to a Selected Intellisense Method

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    Semicolon, Right Parenthesis I am an actor, which should explain a lot, but probably doesn’t, in point of fact

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    05/11/2007 · Placing a semicolon immediately after the right parentheses of “IFâ ..

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    semicolon backwards parenthesis from the story the list (haylor) by lovelygriers (-) with 1,622 reads

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