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and deposition at river mouths: A synthesis

Sediment transport and deposition at river mouths - Synthesis

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Sediment transport and deposition at river mouths: A synthesis

At the mouth of a stream, the velocity drops as the slope decreases and as it encounters the ocean or lake into which it drains. Sediment is deposited because the velocity drops and through the chemical process of flocculation. The resulting depositional features are called .
Deltas are often triangular shaped (hence their name, the Greek letter ∆ – delta): see the , right, for an excellent example. Most deltas are made up of an intricate variety of low-lying islands made up deposited sediment. These islands are only barely at or above sea level. They are often subject to flooding when either the stream floods, or heavy weather causes high ocean waves. Much of the Fraser River delta around Vancouver (the municipalities of Delta, Richmond, Surrey, etc) are largely deltaic islands at or near sea level. They are protected by extensive dikes, but – in the case of sever weather or earthquake – could be subject to extensive flooding.

1977a Sediment transport and deposition at river mouths: a synthesis

Sediment cores have contamination profiles with background Hg values of 50 ppb, peak values for cores in depositional environments in the 200-500 ppb range, and highest value that reach 1200 ppb Hg at the mouth of the Housatonic River.

and produce constricted or deflected river mouths.

Publication: Geological Society of America Bulletin, vol

Rivers or streams are key components of the Earth’s natural systems. They transport water, minerals, living organisms, and sediment vast distances. They make varieties of life feasible in otherwise arid environments. They provide water, transportation, and waste removal resources for plant and animal life and people. They sustain vast amounts of life within themselves and form a critical part of many food chains. Some of world’s rivers are staggering in the amount of water and sediment they transport and discharge. The world’s largest rivers are:

Streams are important agents in erosion (the transport of sediment). Sediment is transported by rivers and deposited elsewhere as alluvium — a general term for material deposited by running water. Don’t worry about the discussion of base levels.

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15/11/1992 · Dispersal of river sediments in coastal seas: Six contrasting ..

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    A Synthesis

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