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Assagioli accredits much of his inspiration for psychosynthesisto his month-long incarceration in solitary confinement in 1938. Heused his time in prison to exercise his mental will, by meditatingdaily while in prison. He concluded that he was able to change hispunishment into an opportunity to investigate his inner-Self .

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The subject of Psychosynthesis Typology is an integral part of psychosynthesis theory and applications. The following quote from Assagiolisuggests the following: "But the essential unity of all souls does not exclude differences existing in their personal appearances. Therefore, we must make a serious study of these different qualities. This study should become more and more a part of the new psychology. We should endeavor to understand the true nature, the underlying function and purpose, the specific problems, virtues and vices of each type, as it manifests in and through a human individual."10

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Psychosynthesis Quotes. A collection of quotes about Psychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli, Pierro Ferrucci and other Psychosynthesis authors.

And in another quote by Assagioli (Miller, Stuart: 1973): “ others feel "calls" - to use the old language. They are attracted by the possibility of expanding consciousness into the farther reaches of the Superconscious, up to the experience of the Self. This is true Self realization, what I call Transpersonal or Spiritual psychosynthesis.”

In his article he confirms that the body must be included in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy and states that the proper name for Psycho­syn­thesis is Bio-Psychosynthesis. In various contexts he suggests a variation of physical exercises as part of the psychotherapeutic training.

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Peak experiences have been of significant interest in psychosynthesis. Many psychosynthesis workshops include exercises to enable participants to explore their peak experiences.4 (For an example of such an exercise click .)

To encourage access to the superconscious, psychosynthesis offers various practical techniques, based on visualization, inner silence and meditation.

Assagioli differentiates the higher unconscious from the middle unconscious - the stuff of which we are not always aware, but which is accessible, for example our telephone number, or the memory of what we did last summer - and from the lower unconscious, seat of impulses and instincts, the part of us that represents the beginnings of our evolution.

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The way (peak experiences) can be turned into is also a very important concept, because it underlines the necessity for using meditation if we really wish to help our clients with spiritual psychosynthesis. It could be argued that any psychosynthesis psychotherapist should be trained in meditation and apply it daily if they aspire to be a full spectrum psychotherapist.

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He is the only psychosynthesist who implements the Great Chain of Being and involution. He is very cautious on this matter, but when comparing the quotes with his philosophical background in Gnosticism, Neo-Platonism and Theosophy, I think there is sufficient reason to believe that he shares this conception with Wilber and the perennial philosophy.

Psychosynthesis is interested in the whole building.

This approach allows for a wide variety of techniques andmethods to be used within the psychosynthesis context. Thisincludes guided imagery, dream work, and sand tray; to art therapy,journaling, drama therapy, and body work; from cognitive-behavioraltechniques, to object relations, self psychology, and familysystems approaches; from individual and group psychotherapy, tomeditation and self-help groups. Psychosynthesis offers an overallview which can help orient oneself within the vast array ofdifferent modalities available today, and applied either fortherapy or for self actualization.

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