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4 Facts About Prosthetic Legs for Running | Premier Prosthetic

4 Facts About Prosthetic Legs for Running Monday, September 14th, 2015 ..

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AmputeeOT: How a prosthetic running leg is made! - …

start running until after she lost her left leg above the knee. She’s been at it for 23 years, which makes her an expert on prosthetic limbs. You name it and she’s probably run on it, in events like the Boston Marathon and the grueling Ironman Triathlon. The record-setting athlete knows what works and what doesn’t, which is why Össur sought her help refining a prosthetic foot made specifically for runners.

Race of the Prosthetic Running Legs! - YouTube

Even with the advancements of the past 20 years or so, there’s still work to be done. Studies have shown that when an amputee runs with carbon-blade prostheses, they use about the same metabolic energy as a person running with biological limbs. But when the pace slows to walking speed, amputees use a higher metabolic energy than someone walking on two legs. Until a prosthesis comes along that can reduce that extra effort, amputees face physical problems from the stress of everyday movement.

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Cuff on prosthetic running legs: Walking with a prosthesis requires more energy

Compared to my conventional prosthesis Greg Davidson's modified version of the Cheetah Xtend for my Symes amputation is a life changer for me. The energy off the toe is incredible and something I haven't felt since before I was injured. With my old prosthesis I had no shock absorption which made running hard for me. This leg is designed perfect for me and my active lifestyle. Greg and his family's hospitality when I went to Seattle was special. They treated me like a part of their family and I am extremely grateful for that. Greg is the hardest working man I've ever known and his desire for making specialized prosthesis for active people is incredible. I want to thank you and your family again Greg for building this leg for me and accepting me as a part of your family!

Basically, the IDEO is a carbon-fiber exoskeleton that attaches below the knee and connects to a foot plate that fits into a shoe. Taking a step and pushing off the plate loads the IDEO with energy just like a prosthetic running blade. Then it releases, providing auxiliary power to the leg. More than 500 people have gotten IDEOs since late 2009; about 60 of them even returned to combat. “Some of those blast injuries were pretty horrific,” says Ryan Blanck, who invented the IDEO as a prosthetist at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. But the loss of functionality from those wounds isn’t that different from problems caused by nerve disorders or car crashes.

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Leg stiffness of sprinters using running-specific prostheses

Aside from running a lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that makes bionic legs, Hugh Herr also insists that prosthetic limbs aren’t a disadvantage at all — they’re actually an advantage.

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