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Researchers use the technique to turn on Oct4 or Sox2 in mouse embryonic fibroblasts and convert them into pluripotent cells.

The compound, BCI-838, is already in human clinical trials as a possible treatment for depression.

Learning to walk with your prosthesis takes practice. To prevent falls, you may need a cane for balance and support. Work with your physical therapist and prosthetist (an expert who makes and fits your prosthesis). They'll teach you how to use the cane properly. They will also help select which cane is best for you. There are several types of canes available; standard, offset, and quadripod. Follow all instructions from the physical therapist and prosthetist closely.

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How to Make a "Seed" Prosthesis - Breast Cancer A to Z

1. Correction 1:30 EST 07/28/15 An earlier version of this story incorrectly described Torres's future development plans for Iko and for another prosthetic design. We regret the error.

While working with Dario in Bogota, Torres first witnessed the transformational power of Lego-customized limbs. Before making a Lego spaceship that could attach to Iko, Torres asked one of Dario's friends how he perceived Dario’s condition. The friend replied that he felt bad for Dario. After the spaceship hand went live, and the boys played for the afternoon, Torres says he asked the friend the same question. “He said, 'I want one of those.'"

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  • Evaluation of Robotic Prosthesis Control during Ambulation

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Basics of Failed Shoulder Surgery | UW Orthopaedics …

Iko lets kids build the Lego creations they need on a pop-and-lock connector terminal on the forearm component. The base, which connects to the upper arm of the missing limb, contains a battery, a processor, and myoelectric sensors that detect muscle movement and transfer it to whatever is on the end of the Iko arm, whether it's a Mindstorms robot or an articulated hand. A charging station juices the base's battery.

Penis Pump: Get the Facts on Vacuum Constriction Devices

Lego sponsored Torres’s trip home to Bogotá to observe prosthetic-wearing patients at Cirec, a rehabilitation center. There, he met Dario, a vibrant 8-year-old who had a congenital malfunction that left him without a right forearm. One day, he watched Dario drawing a ten-armed robot in a notebook. "He was talking about the robot's different features and pointed to a bionic eye," Torres says. "He said the robot built it himself because he was the only one who knew what he needed. And that was like, boom.” Suddenly Torres knew exactly how Lego could integrate into prosthetics.

Breast Prosthesis Articles | Uberant

Torres is a Chicago-based Colombian designer who developed Iko during a six-month internship at Lego’s Future Lab, the experimental research leg of the Danish toy brand. While at Lego's lab, Torres was struck by Lego’s ability to foster social connections, and he saw the potential to make prosthetic-wearing kids into social magnets through their hackable limbs.

Articles about Prosthesis - tribunedigital-thecourant

Iko is the work of , who built the set of white plastic parts so that a child could easily swap out a hand-like four-fingered claw for a digital spaceship. “My friends in psychology used to tell me that when a kid has a disability, he is not really aware of it until he faces society,” Torres says. “That’s when they have a super rough encounter.” Torres's design is geared toward kids between three and 12 years old, a broad age range covering crucial self-esteem-building years.

An Artificial Hand with Real Feelings - MIT Technology Review

The field of prosthetics has seen significant advances in recent years. Designers have harnessed new technologies like 3-D printing to make prosthetics , , or . Making prosthetics more accessible and expressive empowers the people who wear them. Iko aims to help kids overcome the stigma of having a prosthetic by making it fun to wear.

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