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A claimed proof of Riemann's Hypothesis.

13/05/2010 · The Proof Is in the Proteins: Test Supports Universal Common Ancestor for All Life

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Proof of the Efficient Markets Hypothesis — Adam …

"The clinching proof of my reasoning is that Iwill cut anyone who argues further into dogmeat."
-- Attributed to Sir Geoffery de Tourneville, ca 1350 A.D.

Claimed Proof of Riemann Hypothesis - Slashdot

Thus, we have a semantic consequence relation and aquasi-syntactic proof relation, both of which are robust under theassumption of large cardinal axioms. It is natural to ask whether thesoundness and completeness theorems hold for these relations. Thesoundness theorem is known to hold:

[FoRK] Proof Of Riemann Hypothesis

The Proof Is in the Proteins: Test Supports Universal Common Ancestor for All Life

If you're going to make me change my ways, I need some sound reasoning and experimental proof - perhaps case studies of others who lost weight, cleared up their skin, and had a marked improvement in their immunity by drinking green tea.Scientists can really change the world with their hypotheses and findings.

As the seismographic waves traveled down to 1,800 miles, the data maps the liquid, "lake of fire" of the outer core. When the waves reached the inner core an in density occurs. It appears not as a gradual transformation normally observed when a liquid changes to solid, but a sharp distinct boundary occurs. This sudden and bewildering change in density fashioned the theory of the solid inner core. Consequently, every current science book pictures the earth with a liquid outer core and a solid inner core.

Full Video: A Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis?

Claimed proof of Riemann Hypothesis | Hacker News

Proof of the Riemann's hypothesis - SAO/NASA ADS
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  • Proof of the Quasi-ergodic Hypothesis Author(s): J

    This looks like science-by-press-release, especially since he hasn't put the actual proof on his website

  • Proof of the Quasi-Ergodic Hypothesis - …

    Extra resources for Proof of the Quasi-Ergodic Hypothesis

  • Hypothesis, Theory, Law, Fact and Proof | Jake Elliot

    Most testing is ineffective - Hypothesis

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