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WordPress Post Thumbnails in Thesis WordPress Theme

Click the ‘ + ‘ sign next to Default Post Image Settings to view the available settings for post images:

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Thesis Tip — How To Display Post Thumbnail On Front …

And if you’re using the Teasers option (magazine style layout) for displaying posts on your blog page, Thesis will automatically resize your post image to fit into the Teaser box.

To view the Thumbnail settings click the ‘ + ‘ sign next to Default Thumbnail Settings:

Thesis will then automatically insert your image in the location you specified in the default settings, or the settings on the post page (below the image alt text box) if you’re over-riding the defaults.

Using Post Image and Thumbnail Options - DIYthemes

Here’s an example of a post image added by Thesis (you can make the post image any size you want):

You’ll see that Thesis has automatically applied the same settings you selected in your default post images settings, so you don’t need to do anything here unless you want to change the position settings.

Once you’ve set those default settings they will automatically be applied to any post where you define the image URLs in the post write screen (but you can over-ride them on any individual post if you want to).

Thesis Tips: Post Images and Thumbnails - …

To improve the SEO of your article you should also enter a description in the second box – the post image ‘alt’ text.

"I'm in my 15th year of waking up at midnight and going to work. I need a nap," he wrote in a Facebook post that announced his final show will be Dec. 22. Once retired, he said he would "get a little more sleep, do a little more skiing and mountain biking, and spend a lot more time with my amazing wife and our family."

Features to this page include full responsive customisation (notably the Feature Strap and Poplar Post Thumbnails) and a custom Thesis 2 box allowing easy user set up of the Popular Post Thumbnails.

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  • Replacing Thesis Post Image with WordPress Post Thumbnail

    You may want to change the default thumbnail size, depending on how wide you’ve made your content column.

  • Add Related Posts to Thesis Without Using a Plugin

    OK, that’s it for Post Images and Thumbnails. If you need clarification on anything leave a comment and I’ll clarify!

  • Related Posts With Thumbnails After Posts In Thesis …

    How to integrate the WordPress post thumbnail feature in your Thesis theme.

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How to Use the Post Image or Thumbnail Image Field …

You don’t need to specify the URL (unless you want to use a different image). You don’t need to do anything at all. Just leave the fields in the Thumbnail Image area empty.

How to Use the Post Image or Thumbnail Image Field in Thesis.

So when you insert an image into the body of your articles you’ll still need to use the ‘Add an Image’ control from the WordPress Add New Post screen toolbar.

Wp Post Thumbnails Feature Thesis - Triepels

The Post Images and Thumbnails section on the Design Options screen enables you to set the default positioning of images and thumbnails you use as introductions to your posts.

How to Get the Post Thumbnail URL in WordPress

If you are using Thesis Thumbnails for Wordpress, it does not make sense to edit each post to add Wordpress post thumbnail for your post rather it is better to be using the following code.

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