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Mohammed and Charlemagne [Henri Pirenne] ..

And it was with this motivation that I decided to read the most recent release of Henri Pirenne’s seminal work .Originally published in 1925, the book is a rightfully a part of the series that offers readers access to “the most important and influential books ever published by Princeton University Press”.

Jul 12, 2016 · The Pirenne thesis was propounded by Belgian historian Henri Pirenne

In this more mature work Pirenne takes a broader historical claim, arguing that, as the editor claims:

“This last work of the great Belgian scholar Henri Pirenne offered a new and revolutionary interpretation of the evolution of Europe from the time of Constantine to that of Charlemagne.

Mohammed and Charlemagne by Henri Pirenne

What is the current historiographical opinion regarding Henri Pirenne's: ..

Pirenne’s major thesis is that it was the advance of Islam rather than the Germanic invasions that caused the break with antiquity and the consequent decline of Western civilization in the Middle Ages.”The first section investigates the question of western civilization after the Germanic invasions.

In less than 200 years the Mediterranean was completely in the hands of Islam and its northern coast was what was left of the Roman Empire, but in the westernMediterranean not even the coast was in Christian hands.

The barrier that Pirenne claims Islam set ..

Mohammed and Charlemagne by Henri Pirenne | …

Henri Pirenne (1862–1935) was a Belgian historian of international stature. He had an intellectual reputation that extended far beyond the borders of his own country. The Histoire de Belgique, which he published in the early decades of the twentieth century, was regarded as a model of innovative national history. His ideas about the development of the medieval city attracted attention, and his thesis on the influence of Islam on European history initiated a debate that continues today. Pirenne is now established as one of the twentieth century's greatest historians, who inspired not only a whole generation of French historians but also numerous other European and American intellectuals.

“The Empire of Charlemagne was the critical point of the rupture by Islam, of the European equilibrium.”
This was all made possible by three key factors:

Mohammed And Charlemagne By Henri Pirenne - …
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  • Talk:Henri Pirenne This is the talk ..

    influence of Islam caused the Europe of the Roman Empire to evolve into ..

  • It was only after the appearance of Islam, claimed Pirenne, ..

    Mohammed and Charlemagne by Henri Pirenne - Read …

  • Read Mohammed and Charlemagne by Henri Pirenne by Henri ..

    What Pirenne thought dealt the death blow to Western civilization was the invasion of Islam.

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Mohammed and Charlemagne by Henri Pirenne, 1939 | …

At the end of this section Pirenne sums up the situation after the rise of Islam:

"The Christian Mediterranean was divided into two basins, the East and the West, surrounded by Islamic countries.

Mohammed and Charlemagne by Henri Pirenne, …

Until 1930 he lectured there on the growth of medieval cities, on medieval economy and more specifically on the influence of Islam in the fall of the Roman Empire - and of course also on Belgian history.

Henri Pirenne - Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core

This book is not merely a writer’s oeuvre. It is a life in pictures: Pirenne’s biography is probingly enhanced by means of original and attractive pictorial material. The photos illustrate how the historian was intellectually formed and how his career developed. They illuminate the growth of his oeuvre and the rise of his reputation. They depict his teachers and friends. They recapture the events at which he was honored as well as his wartime exile. Henri Pirenne, Historian opens to view the work and life of an historian whose significance continues to be recognized well beyond the confines of his own discipline.

Mohammed and Charlemagne eBook: Henri Pirenne: …

Although relationships between the Byzantine Empire and the Christian kingdoms of Ethiopian lands were rather close during the 4th, 5th and 6th centuries, the continued decline of European Civilization, as an aftermath of the barbarian invasions and the rise and expansion of Islam, put an end to such relationships for several hundred years.” (p. 4)

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