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AP Bio Lab-jello and Pineapples - Scribd

“Pineapple/Jell-O™ Lab”

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Pineapple Jello Lab by Austin Gent on Prezi

Let it cool down in 100ml of room temperature water for about 5 minutes.
How can I make jello with fresh pineapple solidify?
If you can denature bromelain in fresh pineapple by heating it, then you can solidify fresh pineapple jello.
2g fresh pineapple
2g can pineapple
15ml liquid jello
hot plate
3 test tubes
3 Styrofoam cups
measuring cylinder

Step 4
Fill 3 styrofoam cups with ice and label them.
Step 5
Pour 5ml of liquid jello into 3 separate test tubes
Transfer the different pineapples into their respectable test tubes.

14/09/2014 · Pineapple Jello Lab ..

This would result in a faster time for it to solidify.
Boil the fresh pineapple within the Jello solution.
Use a more accurate strainer.
4) Practical Applications and Analysis
Lab Improvement
What have you learned?
Record the Jello displacement every 30 seconds rather than every minute.

Increase the amount of fresh and canned pineapple to 5 grams and Jello solution to 10ml to reduce the effects of error.
Jello is composed of gelatin,a mixture of peptides and proteins produced by partial hydrolysis of collagen

Bromelain is the key enzyme found in a fresh pineapple which functions to digest proteins

it is because of this protein digestion that the gelatin will not solidify
Increase the time the fresh pineapple heats up to 3 minutes.
the bromelain in the fresh pineapple must undergo denaturation in order for the proteins in the gelatin to be able to form

denaturation is the process that breaks down the bonds between enzymes such as bromelain, and can be done through manipulation of temperature, pH,or salinity

Once bromelain was denatured in the fresh pineapple, it was unable to digest the proteins of gelatin, thus allowing the gelatin to solidify

the fresh and canned pineapple solidified in a similar amount of time because bromelain was denatured in both
Recommendations for follow up experiments
Test the effect of different methods of heating the pineapple (microwave, grill) on the denaturing of bromelain and if it affects the solidification of gelatin

Test the effect of the different methods of denaturing bromelain in the fresh pineapple through manipulating pH and salinity and if it affects the solidification of gelatin differently
We found that fresh pineapple could be solidified by heating it to 70° Celsius, denaturing the bromelain.

Jell-O & Pineapple Experiment by Katrina C on Prezi

06/09/2013 · Jell-O & Pineapple Experiment by ..

It is also a means of reinforcing the process skills involved in the scientific method. To introduce the topic and unit, two activities can be used: “Enzyme Specificity” or “Pineapple/Jell-OTM Lab”.

Place them back in ice.
Pineapple Jello Lab
Step 1
Heat the fresh pineapple in 50ml of water on a hot plate on high until the water is 70 degrees Celsius.

P# G# - Pineapple Enzyme Lab - Google Docs

23/09/2016 · Pineapple Enzyme Lab Report - PINEAPPLE ..

The fresh pineapple jello took about 6 minutes to solidify and the canned pineapple took two more.
Our evidence proves our hypothesis that jello containing fresh pineapple can be solidified by heating.

The fresh pineapple jello is shown to be solidified when its travel distance is reduced to zero, like our control and canned pineapple, at varying times.

fresh pineapple can break down gelatin.
The gelatin with cooked pineapple will break down slower than the gelatin with fresh pineapple will.
1) Cook 1 package of gelatin powder
2) Cook 1 tbsp of fresh pineapple
3) Label 3 cups: Cooked, Fresh, and None
4) Pour 1/2 cup of the cooked gelatin into each of the 3 cups
5) Cover the gelatin with seran wrap & let it set in the refrigerator for 30 minutes
6) Take gelatin out of refrigerator
7) Put 1 tbsp of cooked pineapple and add it to the "cooked" cup
8) Put 1 tbsp of fresh pineapple & add to the "fresh cup
9) Allow 2 hours to elapse.

“Pineapple/Jell-O™ Lab” Rationale: To show that food items contain enzymes
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lab report on pineapple and jello ..

Through this lab, we also were able to measure solidity by placing the test tubes horizontally and measuring the distance the jello traveled.
beaker on hot plate
measuring water temperature
fresh pineapple
50ml of water
straining pineapple
placing pineapple in water to cool
pineapple cooling in beaker
labeled cups
jello in test tubes
pineapples in
liquid jello
test tubes in ice
Possible Errors
Different temperatures in ice cups-
the inconsistency in the amount of ice in the Styrofoams cups will result in unequal temperatures for the Jellos to solidify in, shortening the time for the colder Jello.

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