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Biomass production, water use and photosynthesis of …

Currently, when discussions of climate change mitigation discuss carbon capture by plants, the primary focus is on woody biomass. There is a newfound appreciation of the ecosystem service provided by plants, in which they convert atmospheric carbon into a solid form. This process has been hailed as a tool by which the problem of increasing atmospheric carbon can be addressed. ‘Plant trees which soak up the carbon dioxide’ the reasoning goes ‘and you can contribute to reducing the atmospheric burden of that gas’.

biomass production in a first step and then conversion to a fuel such as ethanol in a …

“The fact is that biomass is in great demand, photosynthetic or otherwise. Once everything falls into place and we have standardized algae productivity systems with integrated downstream equipment, we are going to look back in the not so distant future at what we have accomplished and children are going to say, ‘So you actually used fossil fuels?’”

Biomass production in marine ecosystems. - Institut …

“Also take into consideration that you have to aerate these tubes with carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide doesn’t travel too well, so this is a limitation. This involves cost, both Capex and energy. On top of that, you have a closed system, with the sun fueling photosynthesis. That makes for high temperatures, a problem because we are going to get algae soup, or a crashed culture, instead of biomass. The only way to solve that so far is by hosing those tubes down, which involves more energy, or putting canopies over the tubes, which reduces insolation.

“So, I began experimenting with waste oil, but soon realized that there wasn’t enough of it. Then I began looking into algae as a solution. The DOE had commissioned a research program during the second oil crisis in 1978 called ‘The Aquatic Species Program.’ This basically outlined how oil and fuels could be made from algae. Basically, fossil fuels from the very beginning were algae. But the problem was the cost. We needed a production system that would allow for the biomass required.

Biomass production in marine ecosystems

Compared to other closed algae systems, the company’s PBR technology has many advantages, including site flexibility, low cost materials, easy scalability, optimal light exposure, isolation of the crop from predators, very high biomass concentration, low energy consumption and effective weather protection.

So our industry has always needed a system that could enable higher production levels, lower capital and operating costs, greater biomass density, better environmental control, and above all, industrial scalability.

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    Engineering photorespiration in chloroplasts: a novel strategy for increasing biomass production

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19/01/2008 · Biomass Photosynthesis

If the restoration of these degraded ecosystems to achieve optimal photosynthetic biomass loads becomes a global goal, the amazing magic of photosynthesis could indeed help change our current dire course, create a new paradigm of growth and make the planet more benign for our children.

What is photosynthetic biomass? | IAFN / RIFA

e believe that algae is the most promising next-generation biomass feedstock. But historically, using conventional production systems has prevented cost-effective cultivation. Issues include high contamination risk, very low biomass concentration, high capital expenditures, increasingly high operational costs and the use of land-based open ponds and tube reactors.

the act of primary production, ..

It is this biomass that has to grow in order to sequester the lost biotic carbon. With such growth we will see more oxygen generation, carbon sequestering, and water cleansing. Much of the biomass to be gained is in degraded ecosystems around the planet, many of which are also home to the world’s rural poor. What these degraded ecosystems do have, however, is great growth potential for generating photosynthetic biomass.

21/12/2017 · Photosynthesis — is..

It is not difficult to place value on photosynthetic biomass today. Initial computations are based on the current values of the carbon market are currently in excess of 125 billion dollars, assuming that the global market would pay at least a similar amount to maintain our life support system, the 93.1 billion tonnes of photosynthetic carbon currently in stock would be roughly worth about 1.35 dollars per tonne.


The ephemeral part, the leaves, are generally ignored, yet the photosynthetic biomass in terrestrial ecosystems are largely composed of leaves, this component needs a value placed on it for its ‘environmental services’.


All in all, this distinction acts as an indicator of the efficiency with which the upper layers of the ocean take up through photosynthesis (and thus to what level it compensates for rising atmospheric levels) [1-2].the new biomass produced by growth of organisms.

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