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Phd Thesis Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics Phd Thesis

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Environmental Scenario/ Environmental Good or Service to Value:
Pick one of the environmental scenarios provided above. Start off by describing the environmental scenario with a brief overview of environmental goods and services that are not addressed by the market. You do not need to provide an exhaustive list of benefits here or provide too much detail on the types of benefits. Then specify exactly what environmental good and/or service you wish to assign a value to. With your technique, you may wish to assess a holistic value for the overall resource or focus only on one or two specific types of benefits derived from the resource. In the case of foregone benefits resulting from clearing forests for new housing developments, you may wish to focus on the benefits related to wildlife habitats, recreational benefits, scenic beauty, etc.
Economic Valuation Technique:
The bulk of your essay should focus on this part. Describe your proposed valuation technique and explain simply and clearly how it works. Provide details on what you as the valuation expert will have to do to achieve this. What information will you need to gather and how you will go about collecting it? How is this collected information utilized to arrive at a single dollar value for the benefit? You may wish to supplement your description with an example with made up numbers/ dollar values.
You may find that the technique you have developed is not able to capture the value of all types of benefits. For example, the same technique that captures the forest’s value in preventing soil erosion may not be useful for estimating recreational benefits. This is why it may be easier to focus only on one or two types of benefits.
Brief Discussion and Conclusion:
Finally, discuss your valuation technique by providing your own opinion. How reliable is it? How accurately do you think it can assign values? How easy and/or cheap is it to use this technique? What shortcomings are there and how can it be improved?
Assessment Criteria:
Remember! You should not consult any other sources for this exercise. I would like you to think about a potential environmental valuation technique on your own.
The assignment is graded according to content (the degree to which the assignment demonstrates creativity, understanding, and critical thought relevant to the topic, integrated into a coherent argument) and presentation (the quality of written communication and the use of acceptable conventions for layout).

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