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"FN" meaning "find number" refers to the ..

"R" means radial.

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[NOTES: liquor means water; currans are currants (like raisins); sippets are finer grade sops.] [1747]
"A Ragoo of Onions.

Take a pint of little young Onions, peel them, and take four large ones, peal them, and uct them very small; put a Qaurter of a Pound of good Butter into a Stew-pan, when it is melted and done making a Noise,throw in your Onions, and fry them till they begin to look a little brown; then shake in a little Flour, and shake them round till they are thick; throw in a little Salt, and a little beaten Pepper, and a Quarter of a Pint of good Gravy, and a Tea Spponful of Mustard.

Examine the macro definition and if you do not want substitution, change the name of the parameter.

So as I said, it’s not a difficult concept. But be careful — all over literally means all over! If there were any holes in this block, the profile tolerance would also cover the walls of the hole (which means the diameter of the hole would have to be given as a basic dimension). So use this new one with caution.

• Failure to include a diameter symbol in a ..

The Lufbery becomes as much defensive as offensive, and the circle can go on forever.

For example, the description: USN 16"/50 Mark 7 Mod 0 means that the gun was developed by the Navy of the United States of America, has a bore 16 inches (40.64 cm) in diameter, a barrel length of 16 x 50 inches = 800 inches (20.320 m) long and is the seventh version of the 16 inch gun with no modifications to the original Mark 7 design.

• The next common error I’d like to review is similar to the first — using a diameter symbol when it shouldn’t be there! I see this in feature control frames for circularity, cylindricity, circular runout, and total runout. It might be tempting, because each of these is applied to a round feature, but the tolerance number given is NOT a distance across a circle (which is the definition of diameter), but a radial bandwidth. This one isn’t as egregious, because there is only one way to interpret these symbols, and thus the meaning isn’t different.

concentricity has a very specific meaning that is more specific ..

This is an example of an old-style function definition with n and m the parameters.

One final footnote — there are times when a position tolerance may reference only one datum: If a pattern of features (two or more) are being positioned with one feature control frame, then a single datum plane is allowed (because there is the location between the two features that position controls). And another example is that of coaxial features; we may have one diameter positioned to another diameter, and this “coaxiality” is indeed a location control.

Used more by helo pilots than fighter pilots, a radio report like "holding cherubs four" would mean, "holding an altitude of 400 feet above ground." [Thanks to Kent (Eagle) Ewing for suggesting this.]

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  • Wikipedia:Reference desk archive/Science/May 2006

    is universally used to represent that number which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

  • that are about in diameter to regular ..

    Engineering drawing abbreviations and symbols are used to communicate ..

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic abdominal paracentesis

    See Wikipedia:Reference desk archive/Science/May 2006 part 2 for the ..

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Terry's Explanation of Tire Data Fields - Teglerizer

As an example of the use of Bernoulli's Equation, the classic problem of the velocity of efflux through a hole in the side of a tank. We imagine a streamline beginning at the free surface, where the velocity is zero, and extending into the jet a distance h below (dotted in the Figure). The pressures at the two points are the same, atmospheric. From the second (or third) form, we get gh = v2/2, or v = (2gh)1/2, which is called Torricelli's Theorem. This does not give us the rate of efflux, however, because the area of the jet is smaller than the area of the hole in the tank. The smallest jet area occurs when the sides of the jet are parallel, which is just the point we used in applying Bernoulli. This point is called the , and has an area half, or somewhat more, of the area of the hole. For a circular hole in a thin wall, the fraction is 0.62, and if the hole has a tube of the same diameter extending into the tank (a Borda's mouthpiece, as shown in the Figure) the fraction is practically 0.50.

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