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to the successful functioning of the implant supported prosthesis

Abstract This review of occlusal considerations for implant-supported ..

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The implant-supported prosthesis ..

Immediate loading
Immediate loading of implant-supported full arch prostheses for the edentulous mandible and maxilla is today a predictable procedure, associated with high level of satisfaction for the patients in terms of esthetics, phonetics, and functionality (Esposito, 2007; Castellon, et al., 2004; Chiapasco, 2004; Misch, et al., 2004; Ioannidou, Doufexi, 2005; Attard, Zarb, 2005; Del Fabbro, et al., 2006; Jokstad, Carr, 2007).

the occlusal considerations for implant supported ..

Introduced by Malo´ in 2003, the All on 4 concept involves the use of 4 implants, including 2 distally tilted ones in areas where bone height; nerve proximity; or the proximity of the sinus, inferior alveolar canal, and/or mental foramen have precluded the placement of axially oriented implants. In addition to preserving the relevant anatomic structures, the distal tilting allows for placement of longer implants with good cortical anchorage in optimal positions for prosthetic support. It also increases the inter-implant spaces, reduces cantilever length, and reduces the need for bone augmentation (Figs. and ). Published studies on the All on 4 concept have shown cumulative survival rates to range between 92.2% and 100% [].

is an integral part of implant supported ..

Implant treatment was based on basic prosthodontics principles that included preliminary and definitive impressions, jaw relation records, wax try-in, metal framework try-in, and insertion of definitive prostheses. Frameworks were fabricated according to the following criteria: bulk for strength, adequate access for oral hygiene procedures, minimal display of metal on the facial and occlusal surfaces, and strategic thinning of implant frameworks to allow for retention of acrylic resin denture teeth and denture basses [].

Most of the studies, if not all, do not reveal how many implants were inserted and survived/lost in several different conditions. The use of grafting in some studies is a confounding risk factor, as well as the placement of implants in different locations, with different healing/loading periods, different prosthetic configurations, varying types of opposing dentition, implant splinting, and the presence of smokers, diabetics, or periodontally compromised patients. Moreover, in these studies, different implant brands and surface treatments were used (Chrcanovic, et al., 2015).

Prosthetic Options for Implant-Supported Overdentures …

A statistically significant difference was not found for implant failures when studies evaluating implants inserted in maxillae or in mandibles were pooled, or when the studies using implants to rehabilitate patients with full arch prostheses were pooled. The difference was statistically significant between the procedures for the studies that rehabilitated patients with implant-supported
single crowns.

Esthetic demands tend to be more dramatic with maxillary prostheses than mandibular prostheses (Fig. ). As per Zarb and Schmitt, unlike mandibular implant prostheses were hygienic type designs have proven to be functionally and esthetically acceptable, maxillary implant prostheses demand different sized and shaped labial/buccal flanges that may or may not compensate for optimal esthetics, phonetics, and masticatory function (Fig. ). Additionally prosthetic gingival tissues are often required due to resorptive patterns of edentulous maxillae. Resorptive patterns in maxillae are dissimilar to mandibular resorption pattern: maxillae resorb superiorly, posteriorly, and medially: mandible resorbs inferiorly, anteriorly, and laterally [,].

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  • Detachable Implant-Supported Prosthesis.

    Dr. Bob Winter breaks down each step of the fabrication of an implant-supported prosthesis.

  • The implant-supported prosthesis for the edentulous …

    Dental Implant Prosthetics, ..

  • and prosthesis designs for implant-supported ..

    The implant-supported prosthesis for the edentulous arch: Design considerations ..

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A completely implant-supported prosthesis ..

Another advantage of implant placement in the extraction socket is the counter-acting of the hard tissue resorption that occurs following tooth extraction (Bhola, et al., 2008). Altintas, et al. (2016), stated the success rate of immediately placed implants is 97.8%. With thorough patient evaluation, the extraction of all residual teeth and implant placement in a single surgical procedure are a safe and predictable treatment modality for successfully rehabilitating the edentulous patient with a fixed prosthesis.

Oral rehabilitation with implant supported prosthesis -Vincente.

After a follow-up of 18 and 24 months, both Mozzati, et al. (2012), and Grandi, et al. (2012), found 100% success rates for immediately placed implants and definitive prostheses for 45 and 47 patients, respectively, suggesting that immediately loaded mandibular cross-arch fixed dental prostheses can be supported by four post-extraction implants.

Dental Lab: Flexible Partials, Dentures, Crowns, Implants

Survival and success
Fixed-implant prosthetic restorations supported on four implants represent a well-proven treatment modality for rehabilitation of the edentulous mandible (Malo, et al., 2003; Grandi, et al., 2012; Crespi, et al., 2012; Krennmair, et al., 2016). However, recently the main focus in oral implant surgery has shifted from survival to success and to peri-implant infections (Zitzmann, Berglundh, 2008; Klinge, Meyle, 2012; Tomasi, Derks, 2012). Therefore, the most frequently used and accepted parameters for assessing oral implant success are related to peri-implant marginal bone loss, peri-implant soft tissue health, prosthesis stability, and patients’ subjective evaluation (Krennmair, et al., 2016).

Successful Planning and Treatment of Mandibular Edentulism

According to Zarb and Jansson, frameworks in fixed prostheses could be designed in one of the two ways: (1) where metal frameworks comprised the bulk of the prostheses, and artificial teeth and minimal denture bases were the only non-metallic components. (2) Implant fixed prostheses consisting mostly of acrylic resin denture bases (wraparound design) and artificial teeth, with minimally sized metal frameworks [].

Dealing with dental implant failures - SciELO

Concerning the influence of the prosthetic rehabilitation on the failure rates, Chrcanovic, et al. (2015), found a statistically significant difference between the procedures when studies only evaluating patients with implant-supported single crowns were pooled, the same not happening when full arch prostheses were the only prosthetic rehabilitation performed.

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