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Digital synthesizers use (DSP) techniques to make musical sounds.

Also among the first music performed on this synthesizer was the million-selling album by .

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Vintage Synthesizers by Mark Vail, copyright Miller Freeman, Inc

style controllers have included products by Steiner, Yamaha, Morrison and Akai. A breath controller may be used as an adjunct to a conventional synthesizer. The Steiner Master's Touch and products which interface to the Yamaha Breath Controller are examples. Several controllers also provide breath-like articulation capabilities.

A breath controller may be used as an adjunct to a conventional synthesizer.

Some years before the computer-controlled mixing desks,
microprocessors were being used for creating digital effects such as
modulation and echo.

or devices were used to create the sounds on the album I …

Before digital control, analogue synthesisers used an interconnecting arrangement of controlled voltage/gate signals to trigger their various components. For example, a key/note played on a keyboard would send a control voltage to an oscillator to tell it what pitch to produce, and another control voltage to an envelope which in turn would "instruct" an amplifier "shape" the volume envelope of the sound as it emerged from the oscillator.

Programs such as Passport Designs’ Soundchaser were rapidly gaining
popularity and headway was being made for the bigger and better
hardware and software to come in the 1990s.

No samplers or synthesisers were used recording this …

In the early days of synthesis when only modular systems were available, sounds were created by connecting modules with patch cords and adjusting settings on each module. The settings and patch cord connections for a sound came to be referred to as patches. Recalling a patch was a laborious process, until performance synthesisers began to integrate micro-processor control and ROM memory was developed to store a patch configuration digitally. There is still no way to store a patch created with a modular analogue system.

In the 2000s, several companies such as Boss and produced bass synthesizer effect pedals for electric bass players, which simulate the sound of an analog or digital bass synth. With these devices, a bass guitar is used to generate synth bass sounds. The BOSS SYB-3 was one of the early bass synthesizer pedals. The SYB-3 reproduces sounds of analog synthesizers with Digital Signal Processing saw, square, and pulse synth waves and user-adjustable filter cutoff. The Akai bass synth pedal contains a four-oscillator synthesiser with user selectable parameters (attack, decay, envelope depth, dynamics, cutoff, resonance). Bass synthesizer software allows performers to use MIDI to integrate the bass sounds with other synthesizers or drum machines. Bass synthesizers often provide samples from vintage 1970s and 1980s bass synths. Some bass synths are built into an organ style or button board.

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  • verify, what instruments in particular were used- …

    Trained conductors and musicians were incapable of distinguishing the synthesizer from the real thing.

  • The 14 synthesizers that shaped modern music - The …

    The Fairlight was used on scores of popular recordings by artists such as , , and .

  • The 14 synthesizers that shaped modern music

    Digital Vs Analogue Mini Essay What is musical synthesis and how is it accomplished?

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In this case no Delay, Hold and Sustain phases were used.

When the programmable became widely available in the 1980s (e.g., the ), bass synths were used to create highly syncopated rhythms and complex, rapid basslines. Bass synth patches incorporate a range of sounds and tones, including wavetable-style, analog, and FM-style bass sounds, delay effects, distortion effects, envelope filters.

The Bluffer’s Guide To Synthesisers - MusicTech

In the 1970s miniaturized solid-state components allowed self-contained, portable instruments such as the Moog Taurus, a 13-note pedal keyboard which was played by the feet. The Moog Taurus was used in live performances by a range of pop, rock, and blues-rock bands. An early use of bass synthesizer was in , on a solo album by (the bassist for ), entitled . introduced synth bass to a wider audience in the early 1970s, notably on (1972) and (). In 's single used the bass synthesizer. , widely considered a pioneer of textures, played bass synthesizer on "Families", from his album .

And no synthesisers were used ..

A synth pad is a sustained chord or tone generated by a synthesizer, often employed for background harmony and atmosphere in much the same fashion that a string section is often used in acoustic music. Typically, a synth pad plays many whole or half notes, sometimes holding the same note while a lead voice sings or plays an entire musical phrase. Often, the sounds used for synth pads have a vaguely organ, string, or vocal . Much popular music in the 1980s employed synth pads, this being the time of , as did the then-new styles of and . One of many well-known songs from the era to incorporate a synth pad is "" by the , who were noted users of the technique.

The Early Years Of The Moog Synthesizer | Moog Music …

Subtractive synthesis was the original synthesis methodology. Because it used analogue rather than digital components it is often called analogue synthesis.

History of the Music Synthesizer -- Analog to Digital

is a feature programmed into synthesizers to demonstrate the capabilities of the instrument. When the button for the demo mode is pressed, the synthesizer plays back pre-programmed music that showcases the instrument's variety of sounds, the number of voices the model is able to play at once () and effects that may be applied, such as vibrato, reverb or portamento. The song is written into the synthesizer's firmware at the factory and may either be an arrangement of an existing song or a song composed specifically to showcase the synthesizer's strengths.

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