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British indie band My Bloody Valentine’s Lovelessis one such work.

AN ANALYSIS OF MY BLOODY VALENTINE’S LOVELESS...............................284.

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Review of Loveless, by My Bloody Valentine.

It would seem, then, that indie bands would
have little use for the tremolo bar, other than to create a new method for its use, much
like My Bloody Valentine did.

During the second chapter, I focus morespecifically on My Bloody Valentine.

My Bloody
Valentine’s somewhat conscious thought process of key schemes becomes even more
apparent when comparing the bridge piece that follows “To Here Knows When” on
Loveless to the one that follows the song on its single Tremolo.

“The Savage Beauty of My Bloody Valentine.” Guitar Player 26/5, 1992.

The bridging idea that follows “What You Want,” rather than setting
up a new harmonic center, curiously introduces an importance of rhythm—a concept that
is imperative to the dance-like character of “Soon.” While I am surely not suggesting
that Loveless is a song cycle due, in part, to the classical connotation of the term, because
of the aforementioned connections and the lack of pauses between the songs, the
possibility that the album has a larger thematic plan becomes more realistic.
Lyrical Issues and the Voice as Instrument
Deciphering the lyrics of My Bloody Valentine is problematic.

It is a concept
album that My Bloody Valentine spent nearly two and a half years in the studio creating.
Again, this amount of time is nearly unheard of for a fifty-minute record.

song from the album "loveless" by My bloody valentine?

Even one of the more official looking My Bloody Valentine sites, To Here Knows
Web, has question marks and words or parts of words in parenthesis, as if they have no
Page 39
idea what Butcher and Shields are singing.
In the introduction to the lyrics section at
this site, however, Jeff Birgbauer provides some useful insight.

Following the lead of indie bands like The Smiths, who chose to leave pictures of
themselves out of their record art, like on Meat is Murder, My Bloody Valentine’s
attitude towards music caused them to reconsider putting blatant glamour shots of
themselves on the album, simply for the sake of narcissism and image, for a more
original visual approach.

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  • my bloody valentine loveless thesis

    My BloodyValentine virtually bankrupted Creation Records in the process.

  • Live Reviews | My Bloody Valentine @ The Tivoli, …

    Hisfrustrating downfall destroyed any hopes My Bloody Valentine fans had of the bandreleasing new material.

  • Kevin Shields, live review, loveless, mbv, My Bloody Valentine, ..

    A basic search ofMy Bloody Valentine on the Internet provides numerous lyrics websites.

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My bloody valentine loveless thesis;

Thus, My
Bloody Valentine left their remarkable album and career to a well-deserved place in
music history.
Lester, Guardian
Page 33
To me the way they acted was the way Kevin Shields acted when he was really chasing
something that he couldn’t define, and spending tons of money on it.—Joe Foster, Co-
Founder of Creation Records
The Ambiguous Cover
One of the first things to observe about My Bloody Valentine’s 1991 album
Loveless is the vague artwork on the cover and in the liner notes.

Sometimes My Bloody Valentine • Loveless

He explains,
As most listeners of My Bloody Valentine know, the lyrics are not as important to the sonic
structure of the songs as they are in traditional recording techniques.

Ma tenue de soirée - My Bloody Valentine Loveless Thesis

But I wasn't inspired the way
I used to be."
From this excerpt, it is obvious that Shields believed not even he could again live up to
the allure of Loveless—at least not in the context of My Bloody Valentine.

My Bloody Valentine Loveless (1991) When You ..

When My Bloody Valentine was mixing
this album, they conceived the role of the voice to be hushed and ambient, rather than
mixed to be at the focal point like traditional vocals.

Inspired by My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless ..

The band reentered the studio after the Loveless tour
to record a new album, but by this point Shields’s perfectionism became too much.
Besides releasing a cover song in the mid-90s, My Bloody Valentine never released any
new music for Island Records or their fans.


The previous quote also implies that
My Bloody Valentine wanted to maintain an element of mystery about their lyrics and
thus never officially released them.

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