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Munch’s mass flow hypothesis

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The cross walls present in between the sieve tubes offer a considerable resistance and thus prevent a rapid mass flow of food materials with in the phloem tissue.

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Therefore, it seems to take into consideration the
importance of phloem being a living tissue.
(4) For CAPE purposes we will consider the mass (pressure) flow hypothesis as a physical explanation.

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I am writing to clarify a few areas.
(1) The mass flow hypothesis as we discussed in class is a purely physical explanation of translocation in the phloem.
(2) Because the mass flow hypothesis involves pressure being created to move the organic solutes from source to sink,
Munch revised his mass flow, to the pressure flow hypothesis.
Therefore it is called mass (pressure) flow hypothesis.
(3) In science articles the pressure flow hypothesis is usually discussed using active transport as an explanation for the high
hydrostatic pressure created to move sucrose in the sieve tubes.

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The Munch’s hypothesis or mass flow or pressure flow hypothesis is proposed by E

Munch’s Mass Flow or Pressure Flow Hypothesis:

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