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The Beast as Saint:The Truth About “Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. on Israel, Zionism

its no wonder the jews who are in charge of reality or delusionality in the usa would raise a symbol of marxist control and victory over the declaration of independence that gauranteed whites a safe place to live ..ok yeah yeah yeah all the 125 million indians were smoked in all 50 states but the good news is there were no mexicans living ancestrally here ,maybe incestually ,hell what am i saying maybe for was the french and spaniards that decimated american indian pops ,with the help of the franciscan monks who by the way went around and nemed all kinds o shit in spanish as they were thinking ahead in terms of colonializing areas the eastern colonies didnt yet …french were inhuman and so were the spaniards ..rumor has it thet the commanches learned the art of scalping from spanish ..severe summer hair cut for the damned ..
yeah right the symbol of craven megalomaniacal jew power is the staue of the shit cock mlk …fuck that freak …so all the while jews make up ghost groups and sue the us govt 24/7 to rid usa of christian reminder much the same way their marxist trained shitkikes teachers in colleges deny any genocides of russia or armenia or spain or france or of germany in ww2 ,which was nothin less than a national genocide dressed up as a war ..
in french revolution spin the jews were jacobins aka foriegn aliens who when successful in french coup aided by dupes the jews changed aka erased french history and burhned books and baSICALLY ENCRYPTED THE KNOWN WORLD of french to somethjing unrecognizable in a way that had never been done before ,,hmmm that is arbitrary since the little clove foot shitcok jews have been slaughtering millions over millenia and yet deny all document fact on this and only wish to push their phony holocoaster shit which has been largely shot down a hundred times ..we love incog so when i redudndantly tell the tale of john balls airphoto site and holocaust denier and exulantenhell being removed by jews last year froim the internet there was intense info on these guys that was epiphany shit ..holodenier had vids of jews admitting ww2 german camps were just work camps thousands of vids are at stanford university ..exulantenhell is now holocaustianity . com showed bomb tonnage dropped on innocent germany ..all major 70+ metro cities and hundreds of smaller ones ..who can forget the mile high flames of hamburg or the 1.1. million melted in a jew designed firestorm at dresden and survivors strafed by p51 american flyboys including big airforce hero furure test pilot “yeager ” who actually stated the criminal nature of what they were doing and so did Patton ,right …poor patton didnt realize how deep the jew shit was …most dont ..

the amount of bombs dropped on germany is astounding and to drop them on families ..
are you sure the shitkikes dont have a secret holiday where they celebrat the genocide of germans …

ever wonder who ordered the shooting of the mlk mofo …may have been more praqgmatic ..whatever that means …he was gonna fuck with the garbage companies and we all know garbage companies are owned strangle hold style by the jew shit here ..
they guy that started supercuts was a rich scion of chicago jew garbage dynasty …something about a 40 million dollar trust given to him when he turned 40 ..ahyye .
so the jews shot a deified nigger get it ,they are the only ones who can get away with that ..mlk went shcleppin around where he should not have i guess ,just like the ididot sharpton shitkok now sayin that the higher you get in the system the whiter it gets but in a word most of the 80 billionaires in the world are kosher kike ..the world of elites may be white but it is jewish and jewish fraternities are for jewish only …the only elite caucasion whites you will ssee on the landscape will be whites in food lines and welfare offices since all the jobs left the usa ..60,000 foundry ,factories,production plants in the last 10 years or so taking 35 million solid middle class jobs away forever ..the kike can afford to do this to america ..and is what they are doing ..they buy up businesses and loot them and scuttle said company ..hmm wow ,just fuckin wow ..they own cerberus and there is a merkin brother in there and one in bank leummi the non fifnan cila accountabkle and non capital extradition specialist jew only bank in israel ..this is where madoffs cash is cooling off …etc ..cerberus crashed GM and GMAC aand now own all krogers and albertsons and all safeways ..what do you think they will do to all the employees of these establishments ..

The Beast As Saint: The Truth About Martin Luther King Jr. (With CC: Duration 21 mins.)

Another thing: The family of King has greedily profited for years off MLK. They charge tens of thousands of dollars for libtard TV (even the public channel) to use just a few words out of his speeches in their multicult propaganda reporting. Currently, one part of the King family is suing the other, because they want to sell his bible and his Nobel Peace prize to the highest bidder. Apparently, these are Negroes well-trained by Jews.


The Black-Jewish-Marxist Revolution

Many Americans don’t know enough about MLK. After taking this quiz, you will see how little the schools, news media and political establishment have told you about the only American with his own holiday.

Who was the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities who purposely suppressed knowledge of King’s plagiarism of his doctoral thesis?
Answer: Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Richard Cheney

Evidence that Martin Luther King, Jr

Whom did King plagiarize in more than 50 complete sentences in his doctoral thesis? Answer: Dr. Jack Boozer

And yeah, sure, so maybe a White guy did kill King with a 30.06 rifle, when his Coonness was on that Memphis motel balcony, yapping away down to his black homies in the parking lot about what fried chicken restaurant he wanted to eat dinner that night, or where all the town’s prostitutes ran off to (MLK slept with a couple of whores the night before getting wacked).

Right after the Globalist Jews gave him the Nobel peace prize, Rabbi Jacob M. Rothschild (yep, that’s his name) awards King some kind of trophy crystal vase for his trouble-making efforts; subversive Jewry has always loved pushing this MLK guy down this country’s throat. They say the rabbi is not related to the International Jew Rothschilds who own the planet, but one look at his smug Jew face tells me otherwise.

In his first public sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in 1947 who did King plagiarize? Answer: Harry Emerson Fosdick
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  • Martin Luther King Jr. authorship issues - Wikipedia

    Martin Luther King, Jr

  • ) is a first mlk plagiarized his doctoral thesis class plagiarist

    Martin Luther King Jr


    Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr

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Did mlk plagiarized his thesis – …

Although I didn’t see the movie “Selma,” I think they had a scene where he hits his wife Corinne in an angry black fit (she’s probably lucky to survive being married to a black male in the first place). The media mavens now realize they have to show something of MLK’s wrinkles or else too many of us hoi polloi might get suspicious of all the PC trickery going on these days.

TIL that MLK plagiarized his college thesis : todayilearned

One thing I must add to do after taking back this country, is to completely destroy the MLK statue on the Mall in Washington DC. First, we bring in the biggest wrecking ball we can lay our hands on. Then we use the resulting rubble as the ceremonial top layer to a new deep water pier — built on the Alabama coast, as part of a special purpose, fast-turnaround harbor — where black deportees are herded aboard converted oil supertankers for the trip back to the African jungle, where they’ve always belonged.

22/01/2008 · News MLK plagiarized his dissertation ..

But liberal idiots and militant, White-hating blacks really could care less what kind of freak MLK was. All they care about is constantly making out the black race as heroic victims of us evil White people. Like forever, it seems.

Mlk plagiarized his doctoral thesis - …

Martin Luther King Jr. (born Michael King Jr. January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia, assassinated April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee), was a leader of the so-called American Civil Rights Movement. King was successful in organizing Negros in marches and demonstrations in ending segregation in the South. King’s racial agitation was ended with his assassination in Memphis, Tennessee in 1968 by James Earl Ray.

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