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How can i synthesize cDNA of miRNA? - ResearchGate

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What are microRNA (miRNA) mimics? – Bio-Synthesis, …

First introduced in Japan, PrimeScript is now available to scientists worldwide. Over 3,700 peer-reviewed articles have been published in which PrimeScript Reverse Transcriptase was referenced in a variety of scientific applications such as gene expression, gene discovery, transcriptome analysis, miRNA expression and regulation, molecular evolution, virology and microbiology. PrimeScript RTase is a modified, recombinant MMLV (Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus) reverse transcriptase and is verified to have low levels of RNase H. Because of the excellent extension capability of PrimeScript RTase, cDNA synthesis reactions can be performed at a lower temperature (42°C), decreasing the risk of RNA degradation that can occur during conventional reactions performed at higher temperatures.

mRNA Synthesis Services; miRNA & lncRNA Profiling Services; ..

The kits are available in economical, large-sized formats that provide 200 or 600 qPCR reactions, and each kit includes our Mir-X miRNA First-Strand Synthesis Kit and SYBR Advantage qPCR Premix.

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Our current study of the role of TERE1 in RCC is based on its rolein synthesis of menaquinone ()that exerts profound influence on mitochondrial function, oxidativeand nitrosative stress, and regulation of lipid metabolism viaactivation of SXR nuclear receptor signaling, and several othermechanisms that lead to growth inhibition and increased apoptosis().We originally reported the cloning of the TERE1 gene(aka UBIAD1) and showed conserved mRNA expression in urothelium andother normal tissues; however, reduced mRNA levels were found inmuscle-invasive transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) of the bladderand metastatic prostate cancer (,).

To demonstrate the specificity of Mir-X miRNA quantitation we used a series of 8 highly similar synthetic Let7 miRNA variants. We first spiked each of the Let7 miRNAs into separate samples of yeast polyA+ RNA and generated cDNA using the Mir-X single-tube reaction. We then tested a panel of variant-specific primers with each cDNA sample to determine each primer’s ability to specifically and individually quantify the Let7 subtypes in the cDNA sample. Despite the high degrees of similarity among the variants and the primers, Mir-X qPCR was highly specific in detecting each Let7 variant.

Mir-X™ miRNA First-Strand Synthesis Kit - EpiGenie

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    RGBiotech offers miRNA Agomir & Antagomir Synthesis service to customers worldwide.

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