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A synthesis of (R)-mevalonic acid lactone

T1 - Enantiomerically pure acetals in organic synthesis. 3. A synthesis of (R)-mevalonic acid lactone

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Mevalonic acid (MVA) is a key organic compound in biochemistry; ..

Mevaolonic acid exists in equilibrium with mevalolactone, which is formed by internal condensation of mevalonic acid's terminal alcohol and carboxylic acid functional groups.

Enantiomerically pure acetals in organic synthesis. 3. A synthesis of (R)-mevalonic acid lactone

They were correctly identified in 1961.

Discovery that mevalonic acid is incorporated quantitatively into cholesterol incell-free systems with loss of carbon dioxide ().

The chemical structure of the cord factor of was established as trehalose dimycolate ().

Discovery of the first polyisoprenoid alcohol, solanesol, in tobacco leaves

Mevalonic lactone 97% | Sigma-Aldrich

mevalonic acid lactone | Sigma-Aldrich

Studies were performed to examine synthesis, tissue localization, and metabolism of mevalonic acid in normal rats. Circulating mevalonate was found to have a rapid turnover phase of 5 min and a slower phase of 40-50 min. Under in vitro conditions the synthesis of mevalonate is carried out most actively by the liver and only to a minor extent by the other tissues studied. The most unexpected finding of this study was that both in vivo and in vitro the kidneys rather than the liver are the primary site of the metabolism of circulating mevalonate. Whereas mevalonate in the liver is rapidly transformed to cholesterol, the major products of mevalonate metabolism in the renal tissues during the same time period are squalene and lanosterol. Exogenous in contrast to circulating mevalonate is metabolized primarily in the intestine.

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Patent US2915533 - Synthesis of mevalonic acid - …

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    converting this intermediate to the desired mevalonic acid and lactone or salt of the acid

  • Preparation of optically active 3-demethyl mevalonic acid ..

    Process for the synthesis of mevalonic acid and its lactone and derivatives thereof

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