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the addition of a particle in the middle of a ..

Phonological history of English consonant clusters - …

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Middle English Manisk becoming Modern English Manx

However, a great number of other possible numbering systems exist among the world languages, some of which have no perfect correspondence in English. These include the following:

History of the English language: Middle English

Gitte Trondheim is assistant professor in the Department of Cultural and Social History at Ilisimatusarfik/University of Greenland. She is also a member of International support group for the project ’urban Greenland’, Department of Cross-cultural and regional studies – language, religion and society, in Faculty of Humanities, at University of Copenhagen in Denmark. Since 2004, she has been a member of Board of Directors for Nordregio, the Nordic Centre for Spatial Development as representative of Greenland University of Greenland (Ilisimatusarfik).

History Of English Language - Quiz 2

them and their are considered to be due to contact between Middle English and this language: A.

MIASMA (Greek, "stench"): Literally referring to a stench or bad smell, the Greek term also metaphorically indicates a sort of ceremonial taint or spiritual stain that can result from various sorts of impurity. The ancient Greeks thought actions such as murder, incest, blasphemy, menstruation, or violations of might cause a miasma around a person or place, and until the community took action to expunge the stain, misfortune such as disease, drought, or other blights would be the potential result. Normally, people thought to be stained by miasma were forbidden to pass the sacred marker () separating the holy ground of a temple or a public forum from non-sacred space. The term is particularly applicable in the play Oedipus Rex, in which the entire community of Thebes has fallen under a curse because of a miasma in their midst. It is also relevant in Agamemnon, where the prophetess Cassandra seems to have the ability to sense miasma as well as see the invisible that have come to settle on the house.

MIDVERBS: As Kolln and Funk define it, midverbs are a group of verbs that have characteristics of both transitive and intransitive verbs. Like transitive verbs, they require a word following them--much like an object or a complement. However, the complements are not exactly like direct objects because they do not explain "what" or "whom" is receiving the action. Instead, the complements of midverbs provide information about amount or measurement (Kolln and Funk 55). Examples include the verbs weigh and cost (55). For instance, "The corpse weighed two-hundred pounds." Here, weighed is a midverb. The word pounds is sort of like a direct object to the verb weighs, but since it shows an equivalence with corpse, it is sort of like a predicate noun or a subject complement also. Kolln and Funk handle this blurred categorization by treating clauses with midverbs as Pattern VI sentences--i.e., they treat the complement as a mere adverbial.

Metathesis (linguistics) - Wikipedia

where an aspirated consonant or the segment /h/ is lost in the middle ..

MULTIPLICATIVE: Most languages have various systems of numbering, typically at least two systems and sometimes many more. For instance, most languages distinguish between cardinal numbers (like one, two, or three in English or unus, duo, and tres in Latin) which indicate a tally and can function as adjectives or substantive adjectives, and ordinal numbers (such as first, second, and third in English or primus, secundus, and tertius in Latin), which indicate a sequence or ordering.

Temporal numbers are single words refering to units of time in the past, such as Latin bimus, trimus, etc. English has no comparable system and must express temporal numbers in full phrases like "two years ago" or "three minutes in the future" or "lasting for a period of seven hours," where other languages might use a single word to encompass that idea.

Early middle English knight: (Pseudo)metathesis and lexical specificity. Research output: Contribution to journal › Article
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  • The virtual linguist:Metathesis

    Metathesis is responsible for some common speech errors, such as children acquiring spaghetti as pasketti

  • metathesis | so long as it's words

    Metathesis in English ..

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loads of English words have been created/changed through metathesis

Abstract/Résumé : Inuit stories have been passed orally from generation to generation from time immemorial. Stories were a source of entertainment in the Inuit nomadic days. Fast-forward from the Stone Age to present day, and Inuit have more sources of entertainment that can serve as distractions from the stories their forefathers told. Inhabit Media Inc. is an Inuit-owned publishing company that has been collecting Inuit stories for the past eight years. Inhabit Media’s mission has been to collect stories, preserve Inuit oral history, and promote Inuit language through text. Our published books incorporate the voices of Inuit elders and contemporary Inuit authors, as well as anthropologists and explorers such as Franz Boaz, Knud Rasmussen, and Diamond Jenness. Our editorial practices ensure that Inuit knowledge and storytelling styles are preserved. Our publishing program brings Inuit voices and knowledge to the world. This presentation will discuss the process of and issues surrounding publishing Inuit traditional stories in print.

Nameless Flame Wielder | FanFiction

Abstract/Résumé : More than twenty years have past since Rankin and Labrèche published an article on ulus in Etudes/Inuit/Studies. They successfully drew together scattered mentions from disparate sources in ethnography and archaeology to provide a comprehensive overview of this knife. Noting the large area of distribution across the circumpolar world and through millennia, they also recognized a considerable range of morphological diversity and made a plea for further comparative investigations. Despite the ubiquitous and enduring presence of the ulu, there is a dearth of recent relevant research.
As there are thousands of ulus in museums and other repositories around the world, Elder Natives and other cultural experts have often encountered them during repatriation visits to these institutions far from home. I have been struck with the reverence and awe of Elders as they approach the stone ulus of their ancestors expressing their gratitude for the One who gave them what was needed for survival. Yet the ulu continues in common use throughout the Arctic. Centering study of contemporary examples in a Yupiaq epistemology makes possible not only the bringing forth of a body of knowledge about this specific tool, but also begins to develop an indigenous theoretical framework for the study of material culture.
Inter-village, mid-winter dance festivals remain important to Yupiit of southwestern coastal Alaska as they act to strengthen extended kinship and intergenerational ties, revitalize cultural practices, and request abundance for the coming year. Food from the land and sea both nourishes bodies and sustains spiritual connections between human and non-human realms. During the course of preparations for a recent festival, different uluat from an Elder’s collection guided an extended conversation concerning their design. It is suggested that the persistence and variety of this knife form is owed to a collaborative, iterative process, which continually creates the uluaq anew.

qaumaniq – enlightening knowledge

Abstract/Résumé : Avativut is a young school program that seeks to foster greater interest in environmental sciences, as well as in school education more broadly, for Inuit youths. By bringing Inuktitut vocabulary into the science curriculum, creating hands-on activities to develop science-related expertise, taking real measurements in the field and connecting with scientists through Internet and posters, Avativut aims to develop a vision by fostering an integration of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Western scientific methods. Through this, Avativut has a great potential in decolonizing science education in Nunavik. If a few programs implemented across the planet and across the Arctic involve youths in Community-based monitoring and hands-on sciences, to date the impacts of these programs on the youths and their community have only rarely been assessed. This research addresses these gaps with the aim to measure and assess the impact of the Avativut program on Inuit youth and it’s decolonizing endeavor at present, in its beginning.
Since the main objective of this research is to get a better understanding of the impact of partaking in Avativut for science students, this research was conducted through a qualitative approach. Four weeks were spent in Kuujjuarapik-Whapmagoostui with classes from grade 7 to secondary 3 to implement the Ice Mission in the science classes as a pilot project. Using participatory observations, focus group and semi-directed interviews, the student perception was assessed through attitudes, interactions, engagement in work and attendance. Decolonizing aspects were evaluated through discussions with teachers and school workers on that specific topic.
Most students were interested by the activities and most participated and were excited about the different activities. The preliminary results assess one activity of the Avativut program and its impact on participants and will allow the evaluation of the decolonizing efforts this program is aiming for, in its initial phase and as the project evolves.

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