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The sections below discuss each of these elements in turn.

Master Thesis How To Write Conclusion

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In summary, the flow in the Results section should be from (1) firstget the reader comfortable with your measures and your sample, (2) thenensure you have communicated the logic for your analysis, (3) then presentyour main findings relevant to the purpose of the study, and (4) then presentany additional analyses you feel are of importance.

 An explanation of each of these sections, together with a brief examplefollows.

Again, in this section remember to make good use of Tables and Figures,and to draw the reader's attention to the important findings, even whenthey are negative. It is quite appropriate (and important) to include statementssuch as "Contrary to expectation, the groups did not perform differentlyon the reaction time measure, F(2, 42) =1.80." The main function ofthis section is to communicate to the reader exactly what answers you foundto the main questions you were asking.

(iv) Use headings to organize the sections of your Introduction.

CHAPTER 8: Writing the Discussion Section

The discussion chapter is, probably, the most interesting, yet, the most challenging section of your thesis. Many students confuse it with the results section, whereas many others combine the two into a self-standing chapter. Nonetheless, a thesis discussion is a separate section that should present to the reader the relevance of the findings in relation to the debated topic.

First and foremost, it goes a long way to comprehend the objective of the discussion. Mainly, this section has four distinctive goals, as following:

- do easy things first. Write the Method section first.

5) Try to keep every section of the thesis to appropriate length (seepage

One model for the general styleof this part of the thesis is articles in ClinicalPsychology Review. You could also look at anytheoretical or review article in other clinical psychology journals. However, thesepublished review papers, particularly those in prestigious journals, areusually much more ambitious in terms of quantity, scope and method than ispossible within the constraints of the DClinPsy.

The final part of the thesis (ofapproximately 3,000 to 5,000 words not including tables and references) is intended to encourage criticalreflection on the whole process of doing the research. Its structure andcontent are more flexible than those of the other two parts. You could, forexample, discuss how your previous experiences or theoretical orientation mighthave influenced how you set about the study, how the process of doing theresearch might have modified your views (it is often helpful to draw on your researchjournal here), how you dealt with any dilemmas or methodological choices thatarose during the course of the study, and what you might have done differentlyand why. You could also include an expanded discussion of the strengths andweaknesses of the study, its clinical and scientific implications, and futuredirections for research (depending on how extensively each of these areas iscovered in the discussion section of the empirical paper). It is essential,however, to ensure that all important points are mentioned in your empiricalpaper first – this is not the place to introduce significant limitations of thestudy or different ways of interpreting the findings. Whilst it is less formalthan the other two parts, the critical appraisal should not be overly personal;it should ideally be addressed to an audience of fellow researchers who mightbenefit from your considered thoughts about conducting the research.

six of this Guide). Very long or very short sections may create a poorimpression, unless the length is appropriate for your particular study.
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Self-Criticism at the Heart of Writing a Discussion Section

Many students have a very bad experience with their theses, and a fewnever complete it. In some cases the problem is only in the student's mind;in other cases, it resulted from a breakdown in relations between the studentand supervisor. Only extremely rarely is the problem with the researchitself. It is usually possible to "re-package" even the greatestdisasters. For example, suppose all your subjects quit the experiment andyou have no data. Well, you might salvage the thesis by writing a longDiscussion about the problems in obtaining subject co-operation for thissort of study, and make recommendations for future studies.

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6) Use a consistent terminology throughout the thesis. Often the Introductionand Discussion sections were written at very different times, and you mayhave changed your terminology for some of the main concepts. This is veryconfusing to the reader. Go through the thesis making sure you have useda consistent terminology.

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(2) The next few paragraphs should stay at an empirical level, and dealwith the validity of your findings. This section is especially importantif findings were nonsignificant (might this have been due to subjects notfollowing instructions? - you should have presented information in the Resultssection to address this question). Avoid wimpish statements such as "thesample size was too small" or any general, negative statements, unlessyou have evidence to support or contradict them.

Writing the Discussion and Recommendations Chapter …

(1) Opening paragraph (or two). This paragraph should be the mirrorimage of the last section of your Introduction. You said in that sectionwhat questions the present study was intended to answer. Now, tell thereader what the answers were, based on your findings. For example, "Thepresent study was designed to evaluate the effects of anxiety inducing instructionson blood pressure. The results showed the expected increase in systolicblood pressure, while diastolic blood pressure did not increase under anxietyinducing instructions." Carry on in this paragraph staying very closeto the data (be empirical not theoretical) and describe the main findingsrelevant to the main purpose of the experiment.

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I generally recommend a structure which goes from the empirical to thetheoretical. First get the reader firmly grounded in what your main findingsare, and whether you consider them to be valid; then discuss how these findingscorrespond to those in the literature; then discuss the theoretical implicationsof your findings; then discuss future directions for research in this area;and then talk about your unexpected findings and what they may mean. Endwith a summary of what you have concluded in your Discussion. This structureis elaborated below.

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