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Posterior knee pain is pain at the back of the knee. View knee injuries causing back of knee pain.

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Gastrocnemius tendinopathy or tendinitis is inflammation or degeneration of the tendon of the calf muscle causing pain at the back of the knee. This is an overuse injury which is more common in runners and sprinters.

Hi Doctor, I had a cortisone shot in my left knee yesterday ( more than 24hrs)

Posterior knee pain is pain at the back of the knee. Below we outline the most common causes of pain at the back of the knee, less common causes as well as important conditions and injuries that should not be missed. Biceps femoris tendonitis () is probably the most common over use injury at the back of the knee although referred pain and various causes of swelling are also likely causes of pain at the back of the knee.

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The Popliteus is a small muscle located at the back of the knee joint. An injury or strain to the muscle or tendon can cause pain at the back of the knee.

Referred pain is where an injury or problem elsewhere causes pain at the back of the knee. This can be from the lower back or lumbar spine and pain is referred down into the knee through the sciatic nerve. Or pain from the patellofemoral joint or between the kneecap and thigh bone can also refer pain into the back of the knee.

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is a tear or sprain to the posterior cruciate ligament at the back of the knee. The role of this ligament is to prevent the knee from bending back the wrong way and is usually injured when the knee is forced to do just that. Symptoms include pain at the time of injury with possibly a little swelling depending on how bad the injury is. The athlete may complain of the knee feeling unstable and giving way beneath them.

Here we explain the different typres of knee injuries. Sudden onset or acute knee injuries are usually the result of twisting or a hard impact and will likely involve ligament, tendon or cartilage joint injury. Read our advice on as well as when you should . Pain which comes on gradually can affect the front (anterior), back (posterior), inside (medial) or outside of the knee (lateral knee pain). If you are not sure what is causing your pain then why not try our sports injury

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around to my quad to my knee, ..

Posterolateral corner injuries cause pain at the back and outside of the knee. They are not particularly common injuries, although around half of cases occur due to sporting injuries, with road traffic accidents being another common cause.

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An acute knee injury usually occurs suddenly through either trauma or a twisting action. Pain in the knee can vary in severity from very mild to very severe and this depends on the injury mechanism (how the injury occurred) and the forces involved during the impact. It is strongly advised not to carry on playing if you have acute knee pain as this can easily progress to a chronic pain or to more complex knee injuries.

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The posterior cruciate ligament is important for stabilizing the knee and preventing it from bending back the wrong way. Symptoms of pcl sprain include pain at the time of injury and there may be swelling. Instability of the joint is noticeable and associated with the feeling of the knee giving way. Pain is reproduced when the posterior cruciate ligament is stressed by attempting to bend the knee the wrong way. Read more on the

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Anterior knee pain is pain at the front of the knee including the patella or kneecap. If you are not sure what is causing your knee injury is why not try our ? The two most common causes of pain at the front of the kneecap are and or Jumpers knee. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the two apart and occasionally they can occur simultaneusly. Here we outline the causes of pain at the front of the knee as well as important conditions which can be missed.

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also known as runners knee, chondromalacia patellae, anterior knee pain and patellofemoral joint syndrome is a generic term used to describe patella pain at the front of the knee. it occurs when the patella (kneecap) rubs on the femur bone underneath. Symptoms include aching pain in the front of the knee around and under the patella. Tenderness along the inside border of the kneecap and swelling can occur after exercise. Patellofemoral pain is often worse when walking up and down hills or sitting for long periods of time. Read more on

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or patellar tendonitis is an overuse injury that causes pain at the front of the knee. Repetitive strain from too much running or jumping causes inflammation or degeneration of the patella tendon. Symptoms include tenderness when pressing and it may appear larger or thicker than the unaffected side. Aching and stiffness after exercise is also common. In particular jumping activities are likely to cause most pain or discomfort. Jumpers knee is graded 1 to 4 depending on how bad the injury is with grade one being only mild pain after training and a grade four resulting in constant pain. Read more about the

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