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Chapter Two introduces a new synthesis of halo enol lactones via a modified SCOOPY reaction on a keto acid phosphorane.

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Synthesis and properties of the ..

The synthesis of bromo enol lactones from asymmetric phenylsuccinic, acetyl protected aspartic, and benzyloxycarbonyl protected aspartic derived keto acid phosphoranes is discussed.

26/11/2014 · 2-Keto acids based biosynthesis pathways for renewable fuels ..

The students will have contact with several classical reactions in organic chemistry such as alkaline hydrolysis of a y-keto ester (saponification), nucleophilic substitution (conversion of a carboxylic acid to amide) using two different synthetic methodologies: i) mixed anhydride and ii) direct amidation of a carboxylic acid in the presence of DCC/OHBt coupling agents.

carbon from the carboxylic acid

Chapter Five deals with the application of keto acid phosphoranes to the synthesis of amino acid analogues.

The synthesis of keto acid phosphoranes via a Wittig Anhydride Carbonyl Olefination reaction, and the reaction of acid chlorides with a stabilised ylide, is also described.

Global energy and environmental concerns have driven the development of biological chemical production from renewable sources. Biological processes using microorganisms are efficient and have been traditionally utilized to convert biomass (i.e., glucose) to useful chemicals such as amino acids. To produce desired fuels and chemicals with high yield and rate, metabolic pathways have been enhanced and expanded with metabolic engineering and synthetic biology approaches. 2-Keto acids, which are key intermediates in amino acid biosynthesis, can be converted to a wide range of chemicals. 2-Keto acid pathways were engineered in previous research efforts and these studies demonstrated that 2-keto acid pathways have high potential for novel metabolic routes with high productivity. In this review, we discuss recently developed 2-keto acid-based pathways.

Synthesis of β-keto carboxylic ..

Meldrum's acid in organic synthesis. 2. A general and versatile synthesis of .beta.-keto esters

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    Keto acid synthesis essay - …

  • 2-Keto acid-based pathways maintain ..

    This thesis examines the structure, synthesis, and bromolactonisation of keto acid phosphoranes

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