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The TICCIH Guide to Industrial Heritage Conservation.

In regards to the working people of the country of England, they experienced a lot of pain caused by industrialization.

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Arts During the Industrial Revolution.

LO3 Understand the physicochemical
aspects of an industrial
3.1 explain how energetic, equilibrium and kinetic factors influence the selected industrial process
3.2 explain the principles of separation and purification used in the process
3.3 explain the impact of the transfer of materials used in the process

Like its name suggests the Industrial Revolution had to do with the evolving Industry.

Carnegie mastered the new steel industry making it, “America’s first big business.” By 1900, American had more miles of railroad than Russian and Europe together.

There were both demand and supply sides to industrialization.

During the process of industrialization, per capita income, rises and productivity levels increase.

The invention of the Morden technology in industry such as machines inspired the economic growth of the country and it doubled the purchasing power and also the total national income in the years of 1800 and 1900.

In the start of the 19th century the mechanization of the textile industries in the Great Britain was placed from the previous manual work done by the workers.

Politics also changed during the Industrial Revolution.

Modern industrialization is often dated as having its origins in the Industrial

Call it industrial archaeology, industriekultur, archéologie industrielle, patrimonio industrial, or industrial heritage, we now have for the first time a spirited manual of contemporary international best practices, written for laypeople and preservationists, community groups and private-sector developers, students, teachers and scholars.

Part I Values and meanings
1 Why preserve the industrial heritage? 6
2 What does the Industrial Revolution signify? 17
3 Industrial archaeology: a discipline? 24
4 The heritage of the industrial society 31
Part II Understanding the evidence
5 Industrial archaeology 40
6 Identifying industrial landscapes 48
7 Recording and documentation 55
8 Process recording 63
9 Industrial archives and company records 70
10 Photography and image resources 77
Part III Realising the potential
11 Choosing what to preserve 86
12 Legal protection 94
13 Urban regeneration and planning 101
14 Adaptive re-use 110
15 Financial and fiscal incentives 118
16 Heritage at risk surveys
17 Conservation plans 129
18 Adaptive re-use and embodied energy 136
19 Post-industrial landscapes 142
20 Industrial ruins 149
21 Conservation and community consciousness 155
22 Industrial Heritage and the World Heritage Convention 161
23 World Heritage, concepts and criteria 167
24 Thematic World Heritage Studies 174
Part IV Sharing and enjoying
25 Industrial museums 182
26 Care of industrial and technical collections 188
27 Conserving industrial artefacts 195
28 Industrial heritage tourism 201
Part V Teaching and learning
29 Teaching in schools 208
30 University training 211
31 Distance and on-line learning 216
32 The work of TICCIH 222
33 TICCIH’s Charter for Industrial Heritage 228
Appendix: The Nizhny Tagil Charter for the Industrial Heritage 233
Index 239

Other governments followed this example and also followed its people to the Industrial Revolution.
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