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A simple classroom lab which uses the enzyme Lactase to.

It is also a means of reinforcing the process skills involved in the scientific method. To introduce the topic and unit, two activities can be used: “Enzyme Specificity” or “Pineapple/Jell-OTM Lab”.

This lab is an uncomplicated introduction to enzyme reactions.

Although we don't actually see the workers doing their job, we can inferthat if the store is using large quantities of reactants (dough and toppings)and / or making large numbers of end products (pizzas) that the workers(enzymes) must be very active.

Although you will perform the laboratory exercise working as groups oftwo or three students, make your report an individual effort.

Lactase - Enzyme Lab by Aman Raj on Prezi

I did a lab on enzyme activity (yeast in this case) i'll try my best to.

Not on the general topic Introduction: The purpose of the introduction is to (1) give sufficient background information to put your experiment and contribution into context in the body of scientific knowledge, (2) to explain the question you are attempting to answer or to describe the problem you are attempting to solve, and (3) to briefly state how you will be going about trying to answer the question. Your introduction can be as long as it needs to be to accomplish these three goals, but in all scientific writing you should strive to be as concise as possible. The last paragraph of your introduction is where you usually will state clearly any hypothesis you will be testing, and how you plan to test it (no great detail on the methods). The first two goals of an introduction above will probably be the toughest for you in this class. . Thus you will need to be somewhat creative in order to place your activities into context. I urge you to search the web for real-world applications of our procedures to make your introduction better. You must give citations for any information you use in writing your introduction (or your full report for that matter); if there is an author give his/her last name and the year the source was published. For example, if Jones wrote something great about spectrophotometry in 2005 that I wanted to cite, I would put that info in my introduction followed by (Jones 2005). You might take some information from the lab manual; in that case after you write that material you put (Garcia et al.

LAC lab report activity enzyme - High and hers is Essay Content Revision nations heritage your statement online eight Page Revision 7 show 9 noone through.

Purpose and Hypothesis This lab measures the enzyme, ..

View Lab Report - Enzyme Lab Report from SCIENCE Biology at Lower Richland High.

Enzyme concentration

The enzyme concentration has to be kept constant because if more
enzymes are present, more active sites will be available for the
substrate to combine with it.

The expected graph
is shown below:


My predictions are based on the following science knowledge:

The more substrate molecules there are available, the more often one
will bump into the active site of an enzyme, so the more rapidly they
will be converted to product.

1.05 Enzyme lab · Enzyme-controlled reaction virtual lab tutorial · AP Biology Lab Two.
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  • Enzyme Catalysis Lab Write-Up - Google Docs

    Purpose: This lab will examine the specificity of an enzyme (lactase) to a specific substrate (lactose).

  • Lactase Enzyme Lab by Joel John on Prezi

    Enzyme Concentration Lab.When reporting the values and their errors, keep track of the significance!

  • Lactase Enzyme Lab Conclusion ..

    Lactase - Enzyme Lab

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Enzyme Lab Report Essay - 1053 Words - StudyMode

We experimented by boiling the lactase for five, ten, and fifteen minutes. Thirty minutes worked for us. We suggest that you try boiling the enzyme before the lab, adding some milk (source of lactose) and test for glucose. If glucose is present, boil the lactase for a longer period of time.

Enzyme Lab Report Essay - 642 Words - StudyMode

This lab is a relatively simple lab which shows the specificity of enzymes based on shape. You will need to purchase lactaid and glucose test strips. I suggest the glucose test strips from Science Kits and Boreal Labs, which are easy to use.

Lab report on Enzyme Specificity 8.3 – University …

This lab will examine the specificity of an enzyme to a specific substrate. Students will also observe what will happen when the enzyme is denatured.

Outline for Lab Reports 1406/1408 Enzyme Specificity 8.3 Format: ..

Data Table
Test tube A: milk and enzyme solution +
Test tube B: milk and water -
Test tube C: milk and denatured enzyme solution -
Test Tube D: sucrose solution and enzyme solution -
Test Tube E: sucrose solution and water -

Independent and Dependent variables
Lactase Enzyme Lab
Independent variable: Whether or not the water, solution, denatured enzymes, skim milk or sucrose were used.

Dependent variable: Wither or not glucose was present or not
Hypothesis: If the lactase would break down the milk and enzyme solution into glucose and glactose then there would be no detection of glucose and glactose in the other four solutions because the lactase enzyme may not be presnt or not work in the other four solutions
This is the test tube rack where we kept the five different solutions in the beakers
This is the glucose test strip which detects for the presence of glucose
The purpose of this experiment is to see the specificity of the enzyme to the substrate, what happens with denaturing, and how shape is important to an enzyme.

Lactase Enzyme Lab Design - International …

Which part of an enzyme is responsible for this enzyme specificity?
- Usually enzyme specificity is caused by the enzyme's substrates, and this remains the case for this lab as well.


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