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Exploratory and Hypothesis Analysis - Business Intelligence…

Test the null hypothesis that the new ball does not improve a bowler's average at the 5% level of significance.

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Statistics for Business Intelligence - Hypothesis testing …

Would you reject the hypothesis H(0):MU = 69 versus the (one-sided) alternative H(1):MU > 69 on the basis of your observations, when testing at level ALPHA = .05?

Interpret the quality control procedure described above as a test of the indicated hypothesis.

Would you reject the hypothesis H(0):MU = 72 versus the alternative H(1):MU =/= 72 on the basis of the observations, when testing at level ALPHA = .05?

Future Acquisitions in the Business Intelligence Market: A Hypothesis

Although we speak of two types of error, in testing any specified hypothesis we can make only one.

An ANOVA was computed to test for differences between high- and low-level participants on all 20 competencies and EI clusters. Table 1 on page 5 shows that competency gap scores are significantly higher for high-level participants than lower-level participants on 19 of 20 competencies (i.e., all accept Organizational Awareness), confirming the hypothesized relationship between job level and self-other discrepancy.

Practitioners and organizational consultants, based on their experiences with clients, firmly believe that multi-rater or 360 degree feedback systems enhance self-knowledge and consequently improve managerial behavior (Hazucha, Hezlett, & Schneider, 1993; London & Beatty, 1993). Scholarly research has confirmed these sentiments and found that higher levels of congruence between managerial "self" and "other" behavioral ratings is associated with managerial effectiveness and performance (Church, 1997; Atwater & Yammarino, 1992; Van Velsor et al., 1993). It is also widely believed that this self-other discrepancy is greater for those that are higher-level managers; although empirical studies have failed to validate this observation (Church, 1997).

The present research will explore the relationship between self-other discrepancy and job level with a measure of emotional intelligence. It is hypothesized that self-other discrepancy scores will be higher for those individuals who have higher level jobs. Although one might assume that higher level (i.e., more successful) managers ought to possess a better understanding of themselves; it is also possible that as managers move up within an organization, there are fewer "sounding boards" that provide opportunities to get feedback from others. Therefore, because of this, higher level managers may have less opportunity to calibrate their self-perceptions against those of others.

Oracle 11g Database Management for Business Intelligence

Testing at a 5% level of significance means that you only have a 5% chance of rejecting the null hypothesis.

Nickerson, R. S. (2000). Null hypothesis significance testing: A review of a old and continuing controversy. Psychological Methods, 5 (2), 241-301.

This proce- dure can be viewed as a test of the hypothesis p = .05 against the alternative p > .05, p being the probability that the machine turns out a defective item.

Since the P-value in a test of hypothesis is based on the specific observed value of a test statistic, it cannot be used in a two-sided test.
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