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With the i-limb ultra, your prosthesis looks and moves like a natural hand

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Partial Foot and Hand Prosthetics;

The MCPDriver™ is for those amputees who've suffered an amputation closer to the hand. Through movement of the MCP joint, or knuckle, the prosthesis mimics the flexion and extension of a natural finger. The MCPDriver has a four to six week lead time from the point all required documentation is received.

course design: a myoelectric controlled partial-hand prosthesis project.

I am a musician who recently lost the digit of the middle finger on my left hand. This was a devastating injury. After trying the conventional prosthetics, which were useless for playing piano and guitar, I heard about Naked Prosthetic's articulated devices. We went through a few designs until we found one that worked well for my application. While it is not like having my flesh and blood finger back, it is close. I can play both the piano and guitar again with all ten of my fingers. It is a real gift.

Partial hand and functional prosthesis

Ryan tried on the PIPDriver™ at an appointment with his Hand Therapist and put it to the test with a funny hobby of his: juggling! The prosthetic allowed him to keep control of the balls, making it easier to juggle for a longer time. Also, the device protected his hypersensitive residuum, allowing him to catch the ball without fear of pain. In only a few minutes of wearing the BPF, Ryan could see that they make, as he says in the video, “A world of difference.”

Naked Prosthetics designs and manufactures high-quality prosthetic devices specifically for finger loss. Our mission is to assist people with digit amputation(s) and positively impact their lives with fully articulating high-quality custom finger prostheses. Our product aims to restore the ability to perform most tasks, supporting job retention and an active lifestyle. Our customers have lost fingers to power tools, equipment malfunctions, injury in the line of military service, random accidents, and infections; in some cases, multiple digits have been lost. Historically, finger prosthetics have been considered a second tier of prosthetics due to the lack of meaningful functionality. NP now provides a viable functional prosthesis, versus a passive cosmetic solution. Our design mimics finger motion and utilizes the remainder of an amputee’s digit to power the device.

Custom silicone finger and hand prosthetics — …

An art teacher by trade, Joey had also taught sign language before suffering from Septic Shock that resulted in the loss of seven digits. We fit her with a pair of sample prosthetics, and in no time at all she was signing the alphabet. The length from the prostheses helped her from the letters as clearly as a natural finger. It was wonderful to see her returning to something she loved with such ease.

I became familiar with Naked Prosthetics after a woodworking accident. I have one of their unique prosthesis fitted for the partial loss of a finger and have ordered another for my missing index finger. The prosthetics were easy to fit and are easy to wear and use, while giving give an incredible amount of support to the entire hand. I have met with the personnel in Tumwater on two occasions and have found all of them to be very professional, most considerate and helpful, and dedicated to providing the best fitting and functional prosthetic which met my needs.

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    The Low Cost Prosthesis project aims at developing a lower leg prosthetic with production costs below $50

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    Prosthetic care can be expensive and every amputee or their providers are concerned about the cost

  • This robotic prosthetic hand can be made for just $1000

    A hybrid prosthesis may include a hand and wrist controlled that are myoelectrically along with an ..

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Prosthetic Hand Pricing Concepts

Before receiving his prostheses, Mike had been able to strum simple chords on his guitar, but he was not able to do what he called “Clapton-style finger picking.” With two PIPDrivers™ on his hand, he was able to articulate his fingers and pick out a beautiful melody – something that, as he told us when his song was done, he hadn’t done in over five years.

Orthopaedic Surgery News Winter 2006

These types of prostheses are often lighter weight than other prosthetic options and require less maintenance because they have fewer moving parts than other prosthetic options.



Myoelectric Prostheses Offer Advantages

Partial hand restorations can be made with this material and often utilize a zipper in the palmar surface to allow the patient to easily don and doff but still have the stability and confidence that the prosthesis is firmly attached.

The advantage to this material is that it is fairly lightweight and inexpensive.

to transfer movements in the upper body into arm and hand ..

One disadvantage of silicone is that it is heavier than latex and can only be used with certain types of prosthetic hands, specifically those that utilize an endoskeletal design.

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