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01:22 The Big Picture: Graduation

Graduate students must utilize the traditional format for theses and dissertations established in the (T/D Handbook).

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Graduate Division: Dissertation/Thesis Filing Checklist

The thesis should be proposed as soon as possible after passing the comprehensive examination; it may be proposed sooner, if the topic is definite and the thesis advisory committee believes doing so is appropriate. Each semester the Graduate Coordinator will announce deadlines for submitting proposals for theses that are to be completed the following semester.

Information about the college and on-line resources for graduate students.

Assuming the oral defense is successful, the student should make any changes or corrections requested by the committee and prepare a final copy for submission to the Graduate School. The Graduate School requires that each student submit his/her thesis electronically to the Graduate School as an e-mail attachment. This copy of the thesis must be in searchable PDF format. One hardcopy title page, on plain paper, is required and should contain the signatures of all members of the thesis committee. The title page of the electronic thesis DOES NOT need to be signed but should have the names of the committee typed in the appropriate underlined spaces and a blank underlined space should be left for the Dean's electronic signature. An must be filled out and submitted to the Graduate School along with your Thesis or Dissertation. The electronic copy is forwarded to the Archivist, Randall Library, where it is catalogued and archived. Check with your department or program, as they may require a printed thesis or dissertation.

Graduates Thesis, Graduates Thesis Writing - ThesisDom

Theses/dissertations should be written in English, unless you and your department/committee have decided otherwise.

Writing a thesis or dissertation can be challenging, and working with your advisor and committee to select a good and workable topic, planning and conducting your research, and doing the writing will be your top priorities. However, paying attention to some additional and probably unfamiliar topics now or in the early stages of your planning is also important.

Headed by recent SCA graduate John Nordlinger ‘13, Boots tells the story of an amnesic veteran who wakes up on Skid Row to find that he is being followed by paramilitary forces. He needs to hear the stories of the people around him so his memory can come back and he can figure out who he really is. The TV pilot recently won best student film at the Burbank Film Festival.

How To Write A Graduate Thesis - …

This form must be completed by graduate students if they change to another thesis director or they withdraw from the graduate program.

The thesis represents the culmination of an individual's research program. Although thesis advisors and committee members play an important role in the development, guidance and final evaluation of the overall project, an individual and not a group of persons author the thesis. While the Graduate School recognizes the important input that advisors or committee members often make in a person's thesis, they are not co-authors. Consequently, the thesis should not be written in the first person plural (we). We is a plural pronoun that refers to more than one individual. Theses should be written either in the first person singular (I) or in the third person. The third person is probably the best way to write a thesis in some areas but may not be appropriate for all areas. Individuals who provide assistance in the research project should be mentioned in the acknowledgments. Obviously, if the work is published, co-authorship is often necessary and appropriate.

This web site contains a resource for master's and doctoral students who are preparing electronic theses and dissertations for submission to the BGSU Graduate College and OhioLINK ETD database.

Forms and Assistance: All forms are available on the School of Graduate Studies' website
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Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) | Graduate …

The thesis or dissertation culminates an important stage of your graduate career. In preparing and defending this document, you prove that you have acquired essential skills of research or scholarship as well as the ability to effectively communicate the results of your inquiry to the academic community.

Formatting: Theses & Dissertations: IUPUI Graduate …

To assist you and your advisory committee in this process, the Graduate School has prepared an ETD Format Manual, one that deals with basic formatting and illustration preparation. Our goal is to help you produce a thesis that looks professional and makes the findings accessible to readers. We also hope that the thesis format recommended in this guide will facilitate publication of the work in a professional journal appropriate to the discipline.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations | The Graduate …

The thesis topic should arise out of the student’s personal exploration in the field of study. The formal petition for approval of the thesis topic must clearly set forth the problem, the intended organization, and the methods of development of the thesis. After approval by the student's committee and graduate coordinator, the thesis topic must be filed with the student’s department and the petition of topic approval submitted to the Graduate College.

The Graduate School - Thesis, Dissertation, Specialist Projects

Consistent with the program goals and objectives, it is the intent of the Department that graduates be well-rounded and informed psychologists. Students' training in the breadth of scientific psychology is achieved through a combination of coursework, Clinical Qualifying Exams, and students' teaching-requirement.

The Graduate School | Thesis & Dissertation Center

The Graduate School requires that students follow this guide in producing their thesis, unless they are students in the Departments of English, History or Creative Writing. Students in the Department of English follow the format of Publications of the Modern Language Association of America, and the Department of History the format of American Historical Review. In the Department of Creative Writing, where novels, short story and poetry collections rely on the publication format norms of their respective genres, the choice is up to you and your committee.

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