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Synthesis of Furoin Acetate with Furfural - CNKI

From Furfural to Fuel: Synthesis of Furoins by Organocatalysis and their Hydrodeoxygenation by Cascade Catalysis

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Reactions Furoin synthesis from furfural is ..

We combine multicomponent reactions, catalytic performance studies and predictive modelling to find transfer hydrogenation catalysts. An initial set of 18 ruthenium-carbene complexes were synthesized and screened in the transfer hydrogenation of furfural to furfurol with isopropyl alcohol complexes gave varied yields, from 62% up to >99.9%, with no obvious structure/activity correlations. Control experiments proved that the carbene ligand remains coordinated to the ruthenium centre throughout the reaction. Deuterium-labelling studies showed a secondary isotope effect (kH:kD=1.5). Further mechanistic studies showed that this transfer hydrogenation follows the so-called monohydride pathway. Using these data, we built a predictive model for 13 of the catalysts, based on 2D and 3D molecular descriptors. We tested and validated the model using the remaining five catalysts (cross-validation, R2=0.913). Then, with this model, the conversion and selectivity were predicted for four completely new ruthenium-carbene complexes. These four catalysts were then synthesized and tested. The results were within 3% of the model’s predictions, demonstrating the validity and value of predictive modelling in catalyst optimization.

Reactions Furoin synthesis from furfural is also catalyzed by vitamin B (thiamine)

In this paper, we demonstrate the utility of combining multicomponent ligand synthesis and catalytic performance studies with predictive modelling for catalyst discovery and optimization. Our case study focuses on catalysts for hydrogenating furfural 1 to furfurol 2 [Eq. (1)]. This is an industrially important reaction,

Furil (CAS NO.492-94-4) is obtained from furfural

as furfural is readily obtained from cellulosic biomass,, and its hydrogenation is a key pathway in bio-refining. Moreover, the presence of both a heteroaromatic ring and a carbonyl group makes furfural a versatile study subject, from which one can draw analogies to many similar compounds. Recently, we showed the first proof of concept for using this MCR in the synthesis of transfer hydrogenation catalysts.

In a 100-mL Schlenk tube equipment under N2, 2-imidazolium salt (5) (28 mg, 1 mmol) and KO-t-Bu (122 mg, 1 mmol) were dissolved in 50 mL of dry THF and stirred for 15 min at 24 °C. After addition of distilled furfural 1 (3200 mg, 33 mmol) the reaction mixture was stirred overnight, and quenched with 2 mL formic acid (98%). The solvents were evaporated and the crude product was recrystallized from EtOH (85 mL), to give 3a as a yellow solid (yield: 3030 mg, 31.56 mmol, 94%) containing 2–3% of furyl 3b as side product.

Advances in Chemistry Research II: An Efficient Synthesis of Furil

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    By employing thiamine (vitamin B1) as the catalyst, the synthesis of furoin from furfuraldeyde has been developed

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    It can be produced from furfural by the catalytic action of cyanide ions


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