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Students learn how to develop an hypothesis and ..

experiments using previously prepared Wisconsin Fast Plant ..

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In this 3-week laboratory, students investigate the effects of an abiotic or biotic ecological factor on the growth or reproduction of rapid-cycling brassica ( L.: Wisconsin Fast Plants) seedlings in the field. Measurable treatments include light, wind, herbivory, chemical or organic fertilizer, insecticides, and growth regulators (i.e., gibberellic acid spray, auxin paste). Students learn how to develop an hypothesis and apply the scientific method in a field setting. Students work in pairs and set up their experiments using previously prepared Wisconsin Fast Plant seedlings. One week later students harvest their plants during a return field trip after which they collect their data, write individual scientific reports, and present their findings in-class. This experiment is unique because Wisconsin Fast Plants are used in a field experiment instead of the usual laboratory setting.

Genetics of Wisconsin Fast Plants - The Biology Corner

There have been other proximate causes of our current ice age, beginning with around 40 mya, and when the land bridge formed between the Americas around three mya , and are responsible for the "wobble" of advancing and retreating ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere during this ice age. There is always the battle of the hypotheses in scientific circles, but the nearly universal consensus is that greenhouse gases, oceanic currents (with a land mass at the South Pole, and the landlocked North Pole), and Milankovitch cycle dynamics, in that ranking of importance, have caused the current ice age. Until the rise of humanity, the primary carbon dioxide input into the carbon cycle was via volcanism, which is related to tectonic plate movements, and plate movements also affected oceanic currents. Scientists are continually surprised by the dynamics and extent of Global Warming, and usually an unpleasant surprise, such as the findings published in 2014 which show that the Antarctic ice sheets are melting faster than expected, and in unexpected ways, and the Greenland ice sheet is also yielding alarming surprises.

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Wisconsin Fast Plants grow well in a temperature below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, ..

A has challenged The Expensive-Tissue Hypothesis, at least as far as robbing energy from the digestive system to fuel the brain. The study compared brain and intestinal size in mammals and found no strong correlation, but there was an inverse correlation between brain size and body fat. But since human fat does not impede our locomotion much, humans have combined both strategies for reducing the risk of starvation. Whales have bucked the trend, also because being fatter does not impede their locomotion and provides energy-conserving insulation. A human infant’s brain uses about 75% of its energy, and baby fat seems to be brain protection, so that it does not easily run out of fuel. However, the rapid evolutionary growth of an energy-demanding organ like the human brain seems unique or nearly so in the history of life on Earth, and comparative anatomy studies may have limited explanatory utility. There are great debates today on how fast the human brain grew, what coevolutionary constraints may have limited the brain’s development (, , ), and scientific investigations are in their early days.

Through each successive generation a significant increase in the number of trichomes present is expected.
If Wisconsin Fast Plants with fewer than fifteen trichomes are removed from the population, the number of trichomes will increase significantly from generation to generation because artificial selection will inhibit the plants with fewer than fifteen trichomes from contributing that phenotype to the next generation.
Chi-Square Analysis
Chi-Square is a statistical analytical method used to determine whether the observed results varied significantly from the expected values.

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Flowering plants like the Wisconsin fast plants we will be ..

The culture’s killing implements abruptly appeared in the archeological record and disappeared just as fast, after the easily killable megafauna went extinct. Today’s North American megafauna are , not North American megafauna that learned to avoid humans. Bison are the only significant exception, although they came from Asia, too, and explaining their survival remains a minor curiosity, but is about the only circumstance not neatly aligned with the overkill scenario. The “” paper concluded that although the South American extinction was the greatest of all, it is the most poorly investigated and that the overkill hypothesis cannot yet be attached to South American extinctions. That may be a prudent position for a specialist who pronounces judgment only when all the evidence is in, but I will be among the most surprised people on Earth if the pattern of 50 thousand years did not continue there, especially since it had no ice sheets. There can be no more pertinent example than comparing Africa to South America. They inhabited the same latitudes and have similar climates, separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Africa was the home of humanity, where its animals had millions of years to adapt to the human presence, and Africa only lost about 10% of its megafauna (probably to human hunters with their advanced weaponry) while South America lost nearly all of its megafauna, and quickly. Climate change did it? How could it have even contributed?

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