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When you sit down to type, your aim is no longer a thesis – a daunting goal – but something simpler.

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But it would be crazy to give up at the writing stage, after years of work on the research, and it would be something to regret for a long time.Writing a thesis is tough work.

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It should be noted, however, that system-relativity is not thesame as skeptical relativism. System-relativity allowsunequivocal truth claims to be made, but they must change so asto be appropriate for the context in which they occur. Thus ashuman activity comes to dominate the Earth's ecosystems, thenature of ethics must be differently conceived.

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A. The existence of these distinctions in ordinary language would seem to indicate ethical problems are independent of scientific problems:

c. comprehends the willful killing of a man through malice aforethought (murder); the unlawful killing of a man without such malice, either in sudden heat or while involuntarily committing an unlawful action not amounting to felony; self-murder, suicide.

B. The basic issue of observational testing depends upon whether moral principles can be tested and confirmed in the way scientific principles are. For example, suppose we accept the following statement as an ethical principle.

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If you bore the reader here, then you are unlikely to revive his/her interest in the materials and methods section.

Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #1: The Significance of First-Person Narration in “The Yellow Wallpaper". The central character in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's

Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #1: The Significance of First-Person Narration in “The Yellow Wallpaper". The central character in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's

Another disadvantage is that your journal articles may have some common material in the introduction and the
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Third, all systems of ethical beliefs are hypotheses about howhuman beings can live on Earth. As such, they make factualclaims. And like all factual claims, their truth or falsitydepends on empirical evidence. For this reason, the sequence ofbiological events which the general statement of the tragedy ofthe commons describes is of decisive importance for ethicaltheory. It shows
(1) that moral behavior must be grounded in a knowledge ofbiology and ecology,
(2) that moral obligations must be empirically tested to attainnecessary biological goals,
(3) that any system of moral practices is self-inconsistent whenthe behavior, which it either allows or makes morally obligatory,actually subverts the goal it seeks. Thus empirical criteria givea necessary (though not a sufficient) condition for acceptablemoral behavior. Regardless of the human proclivity torationalize, any system of ethical beliefs is mistaken if itspractice would cause the breakdown of the ecosystem whichsustains the people who live by it. Indeed, biological necessityhas a veto over moral behavior. Facts can refute moralbeliefs.

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Having been brought up or educated under the formativeinfluence of a monotheistic religion, they commonly believe,without question, examination, or discussion, that the ideals andprinciples of moral behavior can be justified non-empirically,that is by reason or thought. As a result, moralclaims are treated as if they were like the conclusion ofgeometric proof whose truth is a matter of a logical necessitythat empirical data cannot refute. However, the tragedy of thecommons shows the absurdity of this claim. Because most humanrights, laws, and freedoms are contingent on the ability of theEarth's ecosystems to support them, most cannot be universal,necessary, and unconditional. And no a priori arguments -- noappeals to reason, to conscience, to God's Word, or to thelogic of moral language -- can make them so. Indeed none of thehuman-centered obligations of ethical theoriescan curb the inbuilt, positive feedback mechanisms which are nowcausing the ever greater impoverishment of the world'secosystems. And none can be adjusted to meet the holistic needsof the Earth's evolving biosystem. These are the inherentdefects which prove the belief must be abandoned that a priorireasoning can determine, for all time, the ideals and principlesof ethics as well as the nature of justice itself.

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Further experimental evidence is required to disclose the kindof controls which will be most effective, most humane, and mostprotective of personal life and freedom. Then as people learn theleast obtrusive and most effective means for making humanactivity conform to biological necessity, moral attention can bedirected to the narrower human concerns. Human beings and theirdescendants can learn how best to realize the evolving potentialof being human. Moral effort will no longer be wasted in thefutile attempt to enforce the of acceptedideals and moral principles as if they were necessary andimmutable. When thus grounded in the nature and needs of liferather than in the abstract relationships between the elements ofan system of thought, ethics can take its placeamong all the other human endeavors -- science, medicine,technology, art, music, and literature.

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The system-dependent nature of moral behavior entails decisivechanges in ethical theory or in the decisions that affect thedo's and don't's of daily life. Five are worthy ofemphasizing.

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