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How does CO2 affect the rate of photosynthesis? | …

Aim: We will be trying to see if light intensity has an effect on the rate of photosynthsis.

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The Effect of Carbon Dioxide Concentration on the Rate …

Efficient solar conversion of carbon dioxide and water vapor to methane and other hydrocarbons is achieved using nitrogen-doped titania nanotube arrays, with a wall thickness low enough to facilitate effective carrier transfer to the adsorbing species, surface-loaded with nanodimensional islands of cocatalysts platinum and/or copper. All experiments are conducted in outdoor sunlight at University Park, PA. Intermediate reaction products, hydrogen and carbon monoxide, are also detected with their relative concentrations underlying hydrocarbon production rates and dependent upon the nature of the cocatalysts on the nanotube array surface. Using outdoor global AM 1.5 sunlight, 100 mW/cm2, a hydrocarbon production rate of 111 ppm cm−2 h−1, or ≈160 μL/(g h), is obtained when the nanotube array samples are loaded with both Cu and Pt nanoparticles. This rate of CO2 to hydrocarbon production obtained under outdoor sunlight is at least 20 times higher than previous published reports, which were conducted under laboratory conditions using UV illumination.

Prediction:I predict that raising the light intensity will increase the rate of photosynthesis.

I can say that the
increase in distance thus making the light intensity stronger
increased the rate of photosynthesis and when further away made the
rate of photosynthesis almost come to its limiting factor the
straitening of the graph.

The effect of PH on the rate of photosynthesis by ..

Overall this tells me that sodium hydrogen carbonate does affect the rate of photosynthesis.

They found that elevated CO2 increased rates of net photosynthesis in about 85% of the reported studies, while reducing stomatal conductances and rates of transpiration in approximately 75% of the cases analyzed....

(2002) studied sweetgum trees growing in FACE plots maintained at an atmospheric CO2 concentration of 540 ppm and found them to display a 14% reduction (relative to trees growing in ambient air) in seasonal stomatal conductance at the canopy level, which significantly reduced their rates of transpiration during the growing season.

Effect of Light Intensity on Photosynthesis Julie ..

The rate of photosynthesis was recorded at a range of light Intensities and conditions.

My main concern is the treatment of CO2/greenhouse effect as THE explanation of the cause for global warming as dogma taught to all elementary school children by teachers who understand only the analogy with glass in a greenhouse. I fear the environmentmental engineering projects spending a great deal of effort and energy at carbon sequestration, etc having unintended consequences but having no effect on the temperature rise.

Unfortunately, as Clive has described, the effect of CO2 on warming is a consequence of the temperature gradient in the atmosphere. At the thin, outer layers of the atmosphere, the number of atoms in a given volume result in it being effectively transparent. As you go deeper into the atmosphere, the density rises to the point where it is effectively opaque at the CO2 infrared wavelengths. The CO2 in the atmosphere at this level would radiate out to space and below this level it would be absorbed or reflected within the atmosphere.

Aim To see whether light effects the rate of Photosynthesis in plants or not....
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  • effect on the reaction rate of photosynthesis.

    In this experiment I will investigate how sodium hydrogen carbonate affects the rate of photosynthesis.

  • Effect of Light Wavelength on Rate of Photosynthesis

    I am trying to find out if the distance of the pond-weed from a lamp will change the rate of photosynthesis.

  • The effect of elevated oxygen levels on photosynthesis in C3 ..

    Hypothesis: The rate of photosynthesis in the water plant hydrilla will change as the rate of carbon dioxide changes.

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Effect of Water Stress on Leaf Photosynthesis …

The atmosphere itself can only radiate IR from greenhouse gasses – H2O, CO2 and Ozone. The rate of emission depends on the local temperature, and this rate for a given wavelength is determined by the Planck distribution for that temperature. This is usually called local thermodynamic equilibrium.

Free rate of photosynthesis Essays and Papers - …

Let’s not forget that the effects of water vapor are 100 times that of CO2. CO2 has been in or near total saturation from about 200 ppm. Whereas any time you add heat you increase the water vapor in the atmosphere on a water planet.

Free rate of photosynthesis papers, essays, and research papers.

CO2’s bands of absorption are not broad enough to make any significant difference in the loss of heat once water vapor is removed from the picture. Any heat CO2 captures at or above that height would warm the surrounding air and increase the black body radiation of all of the components at that altitude, so the only net effect is a huge decrease of net emission in the CO2 absorption bands, with a corresponding increase across the remainder of the black body spectrum. in fact, that’s why satellites show the atmosphere as opaque for CO2 absorption bands, because the photon emission is insignificant compared to the black body radiation.

An Experiment to Investigate the Effect of Light …

Your statement above seems to imply that the 400ppm of CO2 emitting and absorbing photons in the top atmospheric layer represents some sort of gatekeeping effect. The upper atmosphere emits black body IR across a broad spectrum of wavelengths. There is no significant amount of water vapor at that altitude (), so CO2 is the only thing left to capture any outgoing IR.

Concept 1: An Overview of Photosynthesis - …

I agree that what really matters is whether the effective height in the atmosphere where IR radiation escapes into space is the crucial factor. It is always assumed that extra CO2 diffuses rapidly isotropically throughout the atmosphere. I also find this difficult to believe have not seen any data showing the actual increase of CO2 levels at different heights. Note also that this applies to H2O as well which is 70-90% of the Earth’s greenhouse effect. How water reacts to forcing from CO2 is crucial to the whole debate. Does extra evaporation lead to more clouds thereby increasing albedo ? Do more clouds produce more rain leading to lower H2O levels in the upper atmosphere ? If so then H2O feedback is negative and there will be just 0.2 to maximum 1 degree rise in temperature from a doubling of seasonal and CO2.

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