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Masters Program distance learning online masters degree

The policies and procedures approved for the Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees also apply to the Master of Education degree. In addition to completing other requirements, the candidate must pass a comprehensive examination administered by the respective program area (portfolio for educational technology).

Graduate Education programs for adult learners at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral level

Final Examination. The candidate’s final examination for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Education will be oral. At least two weeks in advance, the major adviser will forward to the Dean of the Graduate School notification about the date, time and place of the final oral examination. The examination will be primarily concerned with the field of the dissertation, but may also include other aspects of the candidate’s graduate work. The doctoral dissertation committee is responsible for insuring that the dissertation contributes new knowledge of fundamental importance or significantly modifies, amplifies, or interprets existing knowledge in a new and important manner. All members of the dissertation committee must participate in the final oral defense of the dissertation unless the Dean of the Graduate School has approved an exception. This participation may be by distance. If they do not participate in the final oral defense, in person or by distance, they will be asked by the Graduate School to resign from the committee. While this examination is open to the public, the exam is controlled by the student’s committee chair. Questions from the public are at the discretion of the committee chair. If the committee chair expects to allow questions from the public, the student must be so advised. The chair will insure that questions from the public are appropriate by disallowing those which are not.

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The Postgraduate Studies regulation of operation of each programme specifies the courses taught, as well as the number of hours required for each course

Admission Requirements

As regards postgraduate studies leading to a Master's Degree (Metaptychiako Diploma Spoudon), postgraduate students’ selection takes place following a public call of interest, stating the number of postgraduate students to be admitted and the categories of degree-holders of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to be admitted to the specific Postgraduate programme.

Students who wish to become candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Education are expected to complete work equivalent to the requirements for the master’s degree as determined by program faculty and must apply to be admitted to the Graduate School and the specific program of study.

The 25 Best Online Master's in Education Programs for 2017

As regards Undergraduate Curricula, studies are carried out based on the “distance education" method, including per module:

• Five meetings of tutors with students.

The Organisational charter of each Institution includes specific provisions related to the organisation and operation of cycles of study, as well as the terms and conditions for the application of distance learning methods.

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29/05/2017 · Doctor of Education in Distance Education

Admission to the Program. Students who wish to become candidates for the degree of Educational Specialist are expected to first complete work equivalent to the requirements for the master's degree as determined by program faculty and must apply to be admitted to the Graduate School and the specific program of study. A student cannot satisfy any part of the residence requirement for the educational specialist degree until after he/she has been officially admitted to the educational specialist program.

Degree Requirements < University of Arkansas

Other Requirements. Students who do not have a grade-point average of 3.00 upon completion of Master of Education program requirements may be allowed to submit up to six additional hours of graduate credit in residence on the Fayetteville campus or at approved Graduate Resident Centers to accumulate a 3.00 average. Students should also be aware that they may not use for degree credit any course in which they received a grade of D or F.

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Transfer of Credit. Transfer of credit regulations established by the Graduate School for the Master of Arts and Master of Science degree apply to the Master of Education degree. See the Master of Arts/Master of Science section above for more information.

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Program Requirements. All Ed.S. programs contain a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate work beyond the master’s degree in a planned program. The program for each student must include the requirements specified in the particular program to which the student has been accepted; assessed deficiencies in the area of specialization; assessed courses to meet current professional requirements of the Master of Education degree; a minimum of nine semester hours of graduate work in a related field(s) other than the area of specialization; a graduate course in research, statistics, or data processing applicable for educational specialists; and an original project, research paper, or report for which variable credit up to six semester hours is required. A grade-point average of 3.25 is required for the Educational Specialist degree program on all work presented as part of the Ed.S. degree program.

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The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree is the initial certification program for students at the University of Arkansas and has two areas of emphasis: childhood education and secondary education. The M.A.T is a 33 semester-hour degree offered to a cohort of students in consecutive summer, fall, and spring semesters with initial enrollment in the summer semester.

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