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Thesis theme disable comments on pages

So far, the reviews I’ve seen have been by people who are creating new sites. I would like to know how easy/hard it is to install the new theme onto an existing wordpress blog. I’m fairly tech savvy. How easy to switch from a Thesis themed site, or a Revolution News Theme (the older ones, not the new studio press themes).

looking over her thesis, Comments on this entry are closed 2.1 Theme for Wordpress.

Also, the framework themes usually give you a level of control that can be difficult to achieve with WordPress alone. And last but not least, if you do these things within the theme, you can upgrade wordpress without having to worry about losing your edits to WordPress’ core files.

Thesis Theme Disable Comments On Pages

I am a bit advanced in css and know basic php, so with a framework I still have to css my design, which is more work than tweaking an actually designed theme.
Again, I am just trying to make my point that frameworks can be very helpful to designers, but I fail to understand how they can help the user who does not know css or is not a designer. So in my opinion the wordpress community needs predesigned themes and they’ll always be there.

Showing subpages is automatic in wordpress. You need just to have the depth of the menu defined into code. Making a checkbox to enable/disable subpages is totally unneccessary, while in most themes it is already default to show subpages, so it’s up to you, assign a subpage or don’t.

Thesis Theme Disable Comments On Pages - Debate …

Thesis Theme is an How To Remove the Headline Area from Thesis Theme Instructions for removing the headline from your Thesis Wordpress pages.

Comments have Your problem is that all chapters, whether they're in the appendix or not, default to As phaedrus mentioned, if you're printing a thesis, you usually need different left/right margins, for which you need show 2 more comments Troubleshooting WordPress | DISQUS Any actions such as closing comments or removing references to the comment Thesis 2.0 (theme) - Resolution for this conflict; Twenty Thirteen (theme) This will render the javascript directly in your page markup and should fix this.

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  • then check the option for Disable comments on ..

    Quick Thesis theme tutorial to disable comments on all the pages in a Wordpress blog running on Thesis WordPress theme.

  • Now I will give tips To Disable Comments in other WordPress theme ..

    How to change and customise the footer appearance in WordPress Theme Thesis in a few easy steps with Thesis Open ..

  • How to edit footer in wordpress thesis theme

    wordpress thesis theme remove sidebar pages disable sidebar remove side bar

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How to Remove a WordPress Admin Link in a Thesis Theme …

Thesis Theme 2.1 Beginner Video Tutorials – Remove Author And Thesis 2.1 Launch Party – Part 11 – Remove Author and Date References with and off various comment elements, sidebar elements, post and page elements, WordPress: Remove Comments Section from Genesis - TechWelkin 22 Sep 2014 Learn to remove comments section from all or few posts and pages in your WordPress Genesis installation.

43 Responses to WordPress SEO Plugin Theme ..

The other thing I’ve noticed, is that the pages on Headway’s site that they use as examples seem to load a tad slower than Thesis themes. I’m not sure if it is my imagination, the fact that the site owner did not optimize the image, or what. But I’m curious.

Thesis Review: Thesis WordPress Theme …

I’ve currently got a custom wordpress blog being designed due to what used to be my very low knowledge of Wordpress. However, I’ve learned a lot since that project started and was wondering how difficult it will be to basically take the custom theme the company provides me with and put it into a system like HeadWay so I’ll be able to easily edit it. Would this be a real pain in the neck, or would it just entail copying and pasting a few key parts of code here and there?

Drag & Drop WordPress Themes • Themify

We now know when Matt Mullenweg discovered Chris Pearson changed Thesis’ license from split GPL to a proprietary one. On April 1st 2014, Siobhan McKeown interviewed Matt Mullenweg for the WordPress history book. In the interview, we learn about the history of WordPress themes, the GPL, how Automattic unintentionally created

Remove Default Navigation Menu In Thesis WordPress Theme

How to remove the "EDIT" link from posts and pages of thesis theme 22 Apr 2010 On this tutorial, I have shown how to remove the "EDIT" link from your posts, pages using the thesis theme 1.8 version.

Your Indispensable Guide to WordPress Theme …

Smart Skin comes with tabbed sidebar features. It contains four different things—the popular posts, recent posts, recent comments and tags. You can either enable or disable this feature via our admin options.

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